Lets lunch......DINING CLUB

Been reading about Dining clubs and pop - up restaurants in London and Paris....mainly.

Still think that it may work for me during the months when I am closed for buisness....maybe April..

May....Part of Sept aqnd Oct...leaving really cold months alone as heating our gerously sized dining area costs a fortune. Happy to receive 8/10 people who want to celebrate privately and enjoy something very special. Cooking has been our life so far and we do not believe in cutting the corners.

Another reason for being here rather than staying in London....

But that is a fairly long story which tells you about the politics of restaurants and that is not the reason for this posting.

May I suggest that you can set up non profit making dining clubs in your area with SF members.

Collect interested members together and discuss your ideas and dates....perhaps you are a group

of 8 and you meet once a month?
Talk about menu ideas or suprise menus....

Fix a fee and arrange how you will pay the chef.

A chance to meet....A chance to eat and have great fun.