Lets start the new IT year with a project we can all enjoy and perhaps a new career

I have been programming computers for all of my working life , and I like to learn new programming languages as I go along, this year it will be Javascript and Python. I don't consider myself a developer any more, but still enjoy it.

I have long thought that the Internet will change the way education is taught and presented to students, and IT training itself will be at the front of this change.

Well, I have come across a lot of interesting projects lately, and this one seems the most interesting to date.

What I'm suggesting is that those who are interested in learning a programming language, and Javascript in particular , follow this course and see where it takes you. I will be around in the back ground to answer questions and help when needed. I also know there are some professional developers on the forum, so I'm sure they can chip in when needed.

If you are a complete beginner then start right at the beginning and work your way through. If you have programming knowledge, well you can start on the section which assumes prior knowledge. Javascript is very straight forward and reminds me of BASIC.

I have completed the later course, and it was very well put together, and very well explained in the main, though there were one or two examples that you needed to think about, as the text didn't really cover it. I have written to the developers to help improve it.

Here is the link, and post how your getting on, and how you find it/like it, and lets see if we can't create a few new Open source developers in 2012 ;-)

Code Academy

Happy Hacking

PS If we enjoy this, then we can have a look at programming the Raspberry Pi when they come out, and that could be a lot of fun.


I started trying to learn Python last year, mainly because I couldn't fix my MoinMoin wiki after an Ubuntu upgrade which overwrote some, but not all, of the config files and modules. It uses Python for all the content management functions.

Anyway based on your recent post I think it's a good time to pick it back up.

My goodness me, everywhere I look now, another article about learning to program ;-)

Slate Magazine. Learn to code to safe guard your future

Well looks like the Mayor of New York had the same idea as me ;-) I didn't realise this was the year of the code, so this little project for us is even more appropriate.

Happy Hacking

New York Mayor starts code Academy

Hi Bryan, I think they are going on general sale in the first quarter of this year. Have a look below for more information.

Raspberry Pi

Yes the course is well structured and should be fun, hope you give it a go