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An Article brought to you, straight from the desk of The SecretBlogger.

This week's offering is an in depth insight into the
World famous JohnnyWokkers Euro Bar Cap D'agde
Naturist Village France, and some of the Musicians who play there just for the fun of it, making Johnny's bar one of the best places to visit if you are down in Cap D'Agde.

Must be a Status Quo Number...you can see Franz ( left has lost his spare eye! ) Paul Van der Rickenbacker cool as a cucumber...well he is Dutch! and middle for diddle sweaty SFN Member Ron Blues man Birks

Johnny Wokkers is a Coool Place to hang out even when it's Hot!

Well I never did, surely you will have heard of the famous JohnnyWokers Euro bar? surely!

Just Google 'Johnny Wokkers' he's plastered all over the Internet. 'Secret' raves about the place,

This is the Glass eye that Franz Robespierre lost during
a pretty raucous rendition of Twist n Shout

The Secret one rarely phones, but last time we spoke, if you can call it speaking he told me, when he was there he was thinking of constructing a 'full body' paper bag. I think that's carrying shyness a bit too far!

We are always happy to receive his reports, He covers property, such as for French Mediterranean Property but prefers mainly restaurants, a sort of Mediterranean version of Michael Winner, but fatter, much fatter, but not so much of the 'Calm Down, Dear'. More of the "Could I have another Nan bread please, and a bottle of your finest Egg Nog"

Secret Blogger went on to say "The
the selection of fine Malt Whiskies
offered at the Wokkery was second

Season 2009

and the soft drinks and Fruit Juices, and other Beverages were available in abundance."
He spent many an hour there, watching the wide screen and listening to the landlord's anecdotes.

The landlord seems to be a very nice chap! Very pleasant and good humoured..in a dry sort of way?

Radio Stars and presenters Dave Butler and Gill Martin have their own London based 'but Global' Radio station, they are heavily into their music,' fact Dave is probably the most knowledgeable DJ on air!

Franz ( Robespierre ) and Walter are members of the German Full on Band Robespierre....Gigging and doing Live open air concerts in Germany. They have a massive European following of enthusiasts and some Penguins!

Why not checkout their website!

Robespierre FaceBook

The Band have recently rebuilt their Recording studio, investing what has been described as an undisclosed amount in state -of-the-art equipment.
( see pic below )

The Secret Blogger has scheduled a Blog in the near future, solely on Robespierre, and their new venture The New Vaudeville extravaganza. An opportunity to showcase the terrific line up of Musicians they have on board.

Post Gig, the guitarist Ronnie Birks is a little moist

To listen to the Radio Hit the Red Button, the RED Button! See it there ...the RED Button?
Big Red Button?

Link FM Started years ago as a London Based Community Radio Station, the Brain child of Dave Butler, and Gill Martin, both actively involved with the community, and avid Music fans. Link FM is now broadcast Globally, I listen all the time, the presenters area hoot, and the Music definitely my scene! Why nor give them a listen NOW! See the button, there, red? HIT IT

Errr from memory.....I am going to have to rely on me 'ole note pad,
( still waiting for my I Phone 4s ) yup, shorthand, and fond memories will have to suffice. The title of this blog is called let's WOK, 'he snorts knowingly', a sort of play on words...So let's WOK around the Clock tonight!, have at little read, because with Link FM tuned into your PC, you'll never WOK alone! see what I did there? ....erm.... never mind here's the Reportage!.....................

Yes 'twas a sultry night at the world famous Johnny Wokkers EuroPub. this Season. Normal night? A complete Band set up on the Stage? Well there had been no adverts, no leaflets, no people haranguing you the street to drag you in….Why, Well I found out why just wasn't necessary. It was an unrehearsed ( as always ) set featuring the enigmatic Robesspierre (from Munich) and a scratch band of Walter the drummer ( on some wooden contrivance ) Paul Van Rickenbacker de Dutch, and diminutive rocker Ronnie 'does my bum look big in this' Birks. Well by nine the place was heaving and electric with anticipation. Half hour later ( as always ) the Munchener Muskier arrives, It may well have been back in the Epoch when long hair frilly cuffs and tight trews were the order of the day, ….and I don't mean the 60s.The crowd parts, in he walks waving his one hankied hand in that way that only Rakes, Poofs and the Queen can do.
A little strapping and miking up, an Kerbooom! the set takes off! WOW, this was like the Stadium experience...in a tiny bar. The man entertains, like it's going out of fashion, trilling his tongue, and popping his eyes, giving every one a 'personal' show! Robespierre rattled through half an albums worth of material from his latest CD, everyone singing along ( he insists ) and raucous!. He sports a family of very expensive hand made guitars all inlaid with a Mother of perl Robespierre logo.The last Song of the set was the 'award wining 'Penguin in the air', everyone was singing along waving their arms in the air….'eat your heat out Robbie!!!! The applause was deafening. The audience were calmed by MC for the night Radio Station Boss Dave Butler, and with out a break on come the rest of the band….. They rip straight into Johnny B. Goode, All or Nothing, Satisfaction, You really got me, Barbara-Anne, Honkey Tonk Women .... Wokking relentlessly till they could Wok no more, lead man Robespierre roving eye on on it's proverbial stalk, mean licks from the 'blues boy' tight rhythms from the the bass 'n drums section of Paul and Walter (drum and bass and ting!)

Pow! I was 'petting like a swig' the joint was hoppin' and the band began to swing, till the Police came a knockin'... Ironically, very close to closing time 4 Gendarmes walked past smiled and waved,luckily they are on very good terms with J and J owners of the bar. .

I'll include a few pics n links …for your listening an viewing pleasure…. I went back several times, to discover the same Guitarist joined Anthony Docherty for a rip raring evening they stormed it it...special feature article coming soon BTW.

Another great evening was given by Ian Howarth, former gig buddy with Smokie, and Singer guitarist with Black Lace. Ian too, has his own recording studio and gigs in the UK, I even loaned him an effects pedal which he smashed to pieces!!!!! very Rock and Roll Ian!

Ian Howorth Go here to check out Ian's MySpace page, and com down in the Summer Months to hear hom play! Secret is also preparing an in depth article on on Ian. entitled don't Messa with da Boogie....

To listen to Robespierre tune in to Link FM 92.2 if to check forthcoming dates next seasonvisit www.johnnywokkes.info …..best of all come on down and groove to it all live.Signing of now…..Blogs to come…. interview with Mr Wokker 'how to you remain so pleasant all season? A picture Picure post card from the illustrated man singing 'Great Balls of Fire'… tomorrow is new day, everyday is a new day at the Wokker bar!

This is the secret blogger signing off ciao

The secret Blogger is a member of the Magic Circle, he blogs for capdagdenaturally, thewebcircle.net which is an artists and musicians online portal. Oh and a new one the-naked-city, don't know what that one's about!

The Summer Band in action Season 2011

Walter Kriel muses over the new Studio toy!

We always respect people's right to privacy and never publish Pictures of people's faces without their express permission, this we thought was safe at s it back olny

The Secret blogger has to be disguised
at all times for obvious reasons .
The disguise is not designed to alarm or scare in
any way, think The Lone Ranger, not P. Sutcliffe!
It's quite practical, he Carry's a fresh pack of bags at
all times, and simply tears out the eye holes,
if and when an impromptu report is needed.

There is a great range of soft drinks available at Johnny
Wokkers, Fruit juices, Lovely Coffee,
and my favourite Hot Wokkachoc!
You can enjoy a drink or a snack at any time on the
Terrace which has a beautiful view of the Beach,

depicted below, Ian 'Black Lace' Howorth. Agga do do do push Pineapple make you spew!

Another band line up features Seasoned Gigger Anthony Docherty who really is the architypal all rounder. He perform in the UK with many line ups, Duos, 3/4/5 piece and a big Show band. He also finds time to run his expanding Artists agency with his Partner Anita, managing a host of acts, and tribute bands.

Here he is pictured below setting up with Ronnie and 'running through the set' in the after noon period, Left is Ronnie 'Naldi Birks, and on keys the ever Soulful Anthony Docherty who is a full time entertainer, and Artists agent RP Entertainments back in Ol' Blighty.

This Two piece play belts our their stuff using the pub's own Powerfull PA, presenting a mixture of live, and track assisted numbers, Favorite this year
'I Got a feeling'
by the Black eyes Peas...the place was hoppin'

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