Letter Boxes in France

Just a reminder to folk to ensure that they have a highly visible and well-labelled letterbox… even if they only have a maison secondaire and aren’t really expecting any mail … (and make sure someone has a key…)

With the help of the Mairie… a rather nasty situation has been averted… (almost got the bailiffs knocking at the doors and pulling down the walls) … all due to a demand for payment of a covid test, not being delivered (no letter box) and thus not being paid…

The Owners had gone off home to whichever country… oblivious to the fact that they owed anything to anyone… oops

These days, with so much done on-line, it’s easy to overlook that someone might actually send something through The Post… :wink:


Recently had similar for water treatment bill, the lady at the Mairies office phoned on our behalf and as we made the payment the previous day emergency averted. It was close though as we get 99% of our post sent to the UK and that includes the Tressor normally no problem but for reasons unknown this Tressor bill remained in France.

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Glad it was all sorted out before it became troublesome.

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Glad your Mairie is on the ball, like in our village…

The response from the Bureau which the Mairie phoned… was that it’s not their fault if folk don’t have a letterbox and thus post might go astray… since they jolly well should have a letterbox!! :roll_eyes:
… and if payment isn’t received … like now… extra charges and the Bailiff will come into play…


we assured them that "payment is on its way… now "