Letter from Acquas re fosse

Anyone in 47 had a notification from eau 47 through a company called AcQuAs regarding a check on your fosse installation and disposal of waste water? Not here full time and missed their intended visit and am wondering what it is about and what the visit entails? If they consider your fosse not to conform, can they insist on changes? And advice greatly appreciated.

Can you find someone who can translate the letter for you…

Or scan it and put it on this thread then we take a look

Thank you Stella
Please find photo of the letter, please excuse my attempt at translation written on it. Any help greatly appreciated. Regards

Well, reference the top letter… no problems… you’ve got the gist.

Outcome: You were not available for their visit… so you will need to make contact to arrange a suitable appointment for when you are next in France…since your presence is necessary when they do the testing…and they have got to be able to get at everything…

The second letter is simply telling you about your obligations regarding used water… and the charges that will be made to cover the periodic controls/testing etc…

If your fosse is found to be non-conforming… they will advise you what needs to be done.

(I think) Unless you are polluting waterways or poisoning the neighbours… you may not need to do anything immediately.

For friends recently, a 2-year plan was discussed.
Another person said they could not afford to do anything… and no pressure was applied (as yet) but the moment the property sells (or a change in the Law) that fosse system will have to be put in order…

Areas differ… of course… but this gives you an idea of how things can go.

As an aside…
How long have you had the property ?.. and have you made any alterations/additions ?

Thank you very Stella for your time and advise. We have been here 5 years, apart from changing kitchen units, revamp 2 bathrooms, no additions have been made. It probably doesn’t conform as it is old and when we purchased it we were informed it wasn’t new. We are surrounded with farm land and the nearest house is too far away from any run off going near them. I just don’t want, at this time to put a new fosse in, I understand at sometime we will have to and accept that, but I am hoping that will not be for a few years yet. Many thanks again. Kind regards Tom

There’s a 50/50 chance… don’t lose any sleep. you might only need a grease trap …

Are you OK with making contact with them, to arrange a convenient visit ??

Legislation on fosse septiques changed around 2000 and there was a transitional period when people did work on their existing installations, new builds had to conform anyway.
The new rules became enforceable in 2004, so the visit is to check how your fosse septique is doing, if it has been affected eg by shifting ground due to drought or whatever, how the run off channels are, if all is working properly and they will advise you on what, if anything, needs doing.
So don’t worry. They will charge you about 80€ for the visit though.

Thank you for reply.

Thank you Stella, I’ll give them a call and arrange a visit. Kind regards

Tom… I’m supposing that eau47 are using Louis Tronche as their Representative. Did the two letters definitely come in the same envelop and definitely from eau47 ???

(just me being extra cautious…)

Hi Stella

Yes both letters in same envelope and a note left in the mailbox to say he had called on the stated date.



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Should i be concerned? Haven’t called them yet?


call la Mairie to make sure its not a scam of any sort


If it were me… I would contact the Mairie or SPANC … just to confirm that this gentleman… Louis TRONCHE is, indeed, the local technician they use.

There have been cases where folk have been thoroughly flustered/worried… even parted with money, through an individual claiming to be someone they are not and advising folk of all sorts of expensive nasties… from dodgy roofs… to drains and all in between.

(yes, sadly it does happen, which is why I always advise caution. )

I have no reason to believe this gent is not OK and can check him out if you would like me to…

Hi Stella
I would be grateful if you could. I don’t think my French is good enough to navigate that conversation. Full game Thomas BannanL

Thank you very much

The Mairie is not open until tomorrow now… and I’ve left a voicemail with eau47/SPANC… leave it with me.

I suggest you Edit your post to remove your address…now, I’ve made a note…

Very much appreciated and very kind of you. Tom

I zapped an email to SPANC and got this reply… so all is well.

"Mr TRONCHE est un technicien de la société Acquas.

Cette société est le prestataire du Syndicat EAU47 chargé de la réalisation des contrôles périodiques des assainissements non collectif."

Mr Tronche is the person you need to contact to make another appointment when you will be on site… (when is that likely to be… and would you like me to tell him of the delay…??)

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