Letter of intent for carte de sejour

@Vero1 oh… I don’t think we are talking about the same services…this is one of the links given, not the one I was thinking of, because its a general, know your rights and ask us everything kind of site…
I had another list with local lawyer peeps.just for me. One phoned me, and kindly chatted for ages.
There’s examples of questions, …e.g. at the top of the list is one about little Enzo, waiting n weeks to get his tooth fixed…
Not Brits sold into slavery as comfort women, or anything grand.
This is about advice, I think gratuit, but I didn’t examine it…

Hi all thank you for your replies this was last March when the prefecture stopped taking applications for CDS and was advised to send a letter of intent to be covered when the time comes and it would be on record

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PS it was for a friend to send

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Hello David, I don’t understand why you waited over 6 months to ask this question that “Was for a friend to send”" - Sometimes l despair especially as you are a Brit and, like every other Brit Immigrant in France must have been following the ongoing Brexit situation unfolding at a rapid rate and is discussed incessantly on this forum. :astonished::astonished::astonished:

I think that was me,…I found the reference with EU directives… :smiley:

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That makes sense now! They were presumably simply suggesting that you write a letter saying that you intend to apply for a CdS, and most likely send it by recorded delivery so that it is on record that on that date you were ready to apply.

Shame you left it 6 months! But you can still do so now if you want, and just say that as a current European citizen you wish to apply for a CdS. Not sure it really matters as either you are legally resident or you’re not. And even a no deal Brexit is not going to change that.

I found it useful simply because it enabled me to post something that stopped you being able to monopolise everyone’s time and resources asking endless questions about a problem that doesn’t exist.

Information wise? No, not remotely useful as I already knew the answer. Thank you internet and government websites…


Ah now I see what you were talking about! No not the sort I meant :grin:

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But the conversation popped up today, 9 hours ago, it is October now… (so why ??).

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Useful for the confused, anyway!

Hi there, is this what you need perhaps? Just note the reason they want surnames in CAPITALS is to avoid confusion where a first name could also be a surname, like Jean etc

Objet : Demande carte de séjour Citoyen UE/EEE/Suisse


De nationalité (précisez), je suis résidente en France depuis le (date)

J’ai l’honneur de vous solliciter ce jour pour la délivrance d’une carte de séjour permanent.

Je me tiens à votre entière disposition pour toutes les informations complémentaires.

Dans l’attente d’une réponse favorable, veuillez recevoir, Madame, Monsieur, l’expression de mes sentiments distingués.

NOM Prénom

Code postal – VILLE
Numéro de téléphone
Adresse E-mail

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Thank you Tish that is what I was looking for

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I hadn’t realised you just wanted someone to write you a cover letter!


There is a new French government website being constructed for CDS applications. It is currently being tested and should come online on November 1. It’s a case of filling in a form and uploading scans of the necessary documents, followed by a reply from your local prefecture for going into the office for fingerprinting and getting the card

Any advice/recommendations on scanners Chris - we dont have one so will be looking for best price and quality😊

Dan - I have same problem; my scanner/printer is not ‘recognised’ by computer - despite both items being reasonably new.
Apparently, though, your local Mairie should have a scanner, and should be able to help with scanning the documents. At least that’s what I’ve picked up - and hope that it’s true because that’s what I’m going to have to do.
Unless you have a friend with a working scanner…

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Thanks Anne - Madame Wood rembers us using the scanner in the Mediatheque in the neighbouring village some years ago - unfortunately my brain has lost that ability so we will pop in in the next few days to see if it is still van available service​:relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

My scanner died of a fall so now I take anything that needs scanning to a printer in town, very cheap, very quick, I get a scanned copy sent to my email address and a paper copy as well to post off by snailmail and it costs about 15 cents a page, for the amount of scanning I do it is a good option.


Up and running already.

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Thanks Anna