Leylandii shreddings for ericaceous compost?

Hi folks,

Friends of ours are having 3 leylandii cut down and the chap will shred them. I am wondering whether we could use the shreddings to help make ericaceous compost for our blueberry patch? I have searched the net and can't find much info other than a few comments saying you need to compost it for ages, like 3 or 4 years, or you can use it directly as mulch on your blueberries/acid loving plants.

Can anyone add anything else to this?

Many thanks


We haven't used this as mulch or compost. It's a very resinous tree and the resin oozes out for ages after it's been cut. Personally I would treat it the same as cypress (it's from the same family) and I found this article which says it is allelopathic: http://voices.yahoo.com/five-disadvantages-cypress-mulch-566929.html?cat=32