Libraries with a good english section (val de marne/ east of paris)


I was wondering if anyone in the 'Val de Marne' region knows of a public library with a really good english section? There was a marvellous one in Charenton, but it shut 4 years ago for lack of cash

And, yes, I know there are a load in Paris, but I'm lookiing for somewhere to get to on a bike....

Failing that, how about book exchange by post? Anyone up for swapping books by post? (Cheap over here -there's a special book rate) Genre eg modern fiction, thrillers, 'tec fiction

That's a great idea. I have been off-loading my books in the charity shops near my in-laws in the UK, so I don't have anything to contribute just now. I believe Paris Diderot, which is not too far from you, has a collection in English but you probably have to be a student to get access. My sister-in-law got a Kindle simply to solve the book problem.