LIDL alert

Acc a message I just had on Facebook, next Weds is British Products day ! (Although I'm only really interested in the cheddar)

Barbara...grow some horseradish root in your as chips to buy...grows like a weed...then just grate with vinegar and or cream...perfecto!

I am waiting for Italian week, if they ever have one. We buy their Mortadella all the time, to make my favorite sandwich. I would buy deli meats at any of the Supermarkets or at deli, but why on earth do they refuse to remove the skin? I just don't get it.

No cheddar listed I see. I wonder what "British style" yoghurt is ?

LIDL 'saveurs du monde' day is next Wednesday (in Dax at least), you can check on you local store by entering your post code here

Had a 2nd message saying that they got date wrong, British Products should be available next Weds (10th)

That is a kind thought.

May be able to find some at Grand Frais in Bergerac at some point in the year.

Tell me I am dying for lovely whoppers called gooseberries.

I think they are so wonderful.

Anyone grow them?

They are like gold.

If you were closer I could give you some fresh horseradish and you could make your own


Trebble oohps because there are some spelling mistakes.

But I am far from perfect so please forgive me.

Raifort...YES I have that...3 euros for a teeny pot.

Cheddar from Leclerc 17 euros per kilo. Not bad cheddar.
Picallilli I buy 3/4 at a time via waitrose for 69 PENCE plus


I have runners today.....but ooohps....BIG

OOHPS frozen veg is just not the same for me.

I am ok with peas their texture does not change but

many veg obsorbe the water content.

Runner beans are on the Horizon via green fingures

friends in 47.

I guesse that I am not a Lidl fan...


Haven't had the newsletter yet but will forward it when I get it. Have found horseradish here in a few shops (Raifort) and Auchan has had Picalili in their "produits du monde" aisle. I had an excellent crop of runner beans this year and have plenty in the freezer.

The LIDL cheddar is quite good, better than the Cathedral City which is the only alternative in the other shops.

It does, for me depend on what the cheddar tastes like.

I bought some a couple of months ago...Not from LIDL

was horrid.

What edibles are sometimes missing from my life here?

Spring greens and runner beans.

Belvoir lime and lemongrass cordial....great with mineral water

and makes a decent granita...for those who indulge superb with gin.

Crumpets and high baked water biscuits...picallilli and strong horseradish.

I do not make everything in my kitchen.

Dettol anticaterial surface cleaner and spray starch. Neither product seems

to be similar enough in Leclerc etc.

What has LIDL got in store next wed?

Whoop whoop! Thanks Steve - glad we don't live near enough for us to start a fight over the cheddar...

"Expats in cheese brawl" - I can see the headlines now...