Lidl British products!

Another rush to the shops Wednesday (17 November) morning for the Lidl Cheddar cheese, frozen fish and chips etc etc.

Because we don’t all live in SW France! Fortunately.

why bother have it delivered at uk prices via

Hi Catherine,

I certainly can post and ask just an extra 5 euros to do this.

You can have a look at the link I’ve place above. The crackers are larger than noral shop bought ones.

You can send us a cheque made payable to Chats du Quercy stating how many you’d like in multiples of 6 or single crackers for 3€ each - 5€ is the total postage as they are light, but a little bulky I have to use colisimo. Just think about letting me know what colours you’d like(I’ve just completed orders for a lovely deep blue and silver and another for black and glittery green) and send all to

Chats du Quercy,


82190 Miramont de Quercy

It is always worth a try!! Thanks for your kind thoughts, here is a link
Thanks ever so much

Hi Lynn
I’d be interested - would you be able to post and if so how much?
C x

ps shall I put it in the newsletter…!!

Hi Rosalyn,

If you would like Christmas Crackers I am making them for our cat charity, Chats du Quercy. These are made to measure, colour of your chosing, but with all the usual trimmings except the little pressies are much better!! and of course, being hand made, they make a really lovely Xmas place setting - I’ll even add names if you like!
Just 20€ for 6

They are just stocking what they think is typically British. Their Greek week has the usual feta, retsina and Nemea wine - could think of some better stuff. Promoting Britain was our ‘business’ for forty years in the Diplomatic Service and now we are surviving in France!

Read through that posting and spotted all the errors but it’s difficult to amend on my iPod. Sorry folks! Glad my granddaughter can’t read this…

Lidl is a German based chain that has promotions from different countries for French people to try. They aren’t trying to supply British people living in France. I just thought people might like to know that there products that people might like to indulge in. I’ve already explained on Facebook that the bags of fish and chips are a treat for my husband as I do not cook or eat fish. Carrefour does sell Cheddar but Lidl’s is 2.99 for 400gr. They don’t have a great quantity as it’s to attract people into their shops.

I’ve recently made pork pies, sausages and mincemeat. I don’t need to search for British food, just thought it would be of interest!!

The last time Lidl did cheddar it was fantastic - very mature taste and equivalent in price to the most rubbishy “Top budget” plastic cooking cheese. Get there early…!

Wow, how exciting, I’m gonna check this out - thanks Pat, that’s what these networks are all about .

Fantastic ‘intel’ Pat!

Thank you!