LIDL diy products (any good?)

I have just been informed that LIDL are selling paints, epoxies, varnishes and various other decorating products at the moment. Some under the brand Baufix, has anyone had experience of these, the prices look good.

I didn’t realise LIDL were a German company. I’ll have to tell my landlord about it. He’s used french paint on all our windows doors and shutters and it’s all peeling off.

I have been renovating a house (slowly) for over a year…the tools and paints etc are mostly from Lidl…just have to hit the promo of the week, but they do come back every 6 months or yr. They are of good quality and the closest to the products that I was used to in USA…otherwise here I get too frustrated with the LACK of knowledge by the big bricolage stores and the LACK of quality and choice. The Baufix brand of white Mur and Plafond paint was super…one application to the ceiling and no problem. These products are guaranteed for years and German made. France is really behind on DIY products, and the artisans have made a fortune off of their clients…I don’t have the $$ to spend…they want to gain a month’s salary off the head of a foreigner esp American as they think we all are from Dallas! My tools have lasted alot longer than most Black & Decker, Bosch, etc. And they don’t break your budget to buy! Good luck and go for it…their TV, video, and computer equipment is of good quality also, they come up with stuff you don’t see in the stores here.

Hi James

I did all my shutters in Baufix white. Brilliant stuff, ecolo, clean brushes with water. I sprayed it with my Earlex (it is a good model though) and it was brill. Why can’t I get any more Arghh!!

I told Paul about this yesterday and he went straight down and got some stuff - it’s all very reasonably priced and he’s used it before and said even the paint (exterior I think) was good. Some things like the mastic are really cheap and just as good.