Lidl, is it just the one in my town, or are they ALL the same in this

lol, what a laugh.

A couple of years ago in our local Lidl at Eauze (32) I complained to the person stacking the shelves because she was completely ignoring the queue of about 5 people at the checkout. When she arrived she declared quite aggressively (in French) 'This is not LeClerc, this is HARD DISCOUNT'.

:-) xx

haha! not wrong..we have guests arriving tomorrow for a week...and others dropping in over the better get to Lidl! have a goody John ......

Well, it is a special weekend after all…

well the weekend anyway John... ;-)

aaaaggghhh! got back from St Cyp off shopping at the crack of sparrows wotsit tomorrow and will do the same as you....the beer is fab value...but the Cremant and red wine..superb...(I am going to get an underserved reputation as a bit of a dipso locally at this rate!) thanks for the heads up Hilary....

Should keep you going for a while.

Carol....just been into Lidl & Cremant de Limoux is reduced to 3.19 euros this week!We bought 4 cases!!Also cleared the shelves of the Bergerac Rouge I mentioned the other day,which we discovered was only 1.29 a bottle! We haven't been into Netto either but several friends say it's really one day we must pay them a visit.

Yesterday in St Cyp Lidl....lager...(my favourite tipple) 24 large (pint) cans of Finkbrauer or similar spelling 4.9 proof.... 6 euros a box! problem with me is that I often shop quickly and then once in the queue...see the deals on posters by the tills..which I did yesterday so missed it....tomorrow back to Dordogne so will shop locally then for it.

What is Netto like? havent been there yet....and Leader Price...they are the only supermarket that closes at lunchtime in Bergerac...which is what village supers do, not generally ones in large towns....puts me off as I shop if at all poss at lunchtime to miss the queues!

i have to try Netto, lots of people suggest it,Shirley. I just need the bloody time to go to one.chambery, or Aix les bains are about an hour's drive either way, and Annecy has everything, otherwise. There is even an odd warehouse where I manage to get really cheap beer and wine. got a really nice bordeaux about three weeks ago, a case of six bottles for something like 10 quid, and I love thr san miguel lager, again, a tenner ofr a block of the stuff

like ;-)

Carol, I did giggle when the first section of your comment came up on the main page and stopped at 'report back once drunk'. Hic. Have a good slurp and report back. I love a good recommendation.

Just bought what I hope is the same Bergerac Rouge you mention....will report back once in drunk the bottle..not falling over drunk..obviously.....!

"New weekly crap area".

Not bad. I prefer the one a journalist came up with when discussing Aldi;

"The Magical Middle Aisle" :)

I see the flowers, Hilary, they do have a good and seasonal range of shrubbery, flowers, fruit trees, and herbs. I have also, on occasion bought bits of DIY materials, like a silicone gun (I figure how can a silicone gun fall apart), nails, screws,sawblades, and suchlike. Luckily, i managed to keep all the tools I had from before, and so, don't need drills, soldering irons, and other things they offer, but I might one day buy the grinder they have on occasion.

fruit flies, Carol, yum, lol.

the grengrocer here only sells food from the region, in season. I love that, and you get a fidelity card, and when it's full, we get a big seasonal hamper. More often than not, everything is ripe, but, like right now, with the heat, the lettuces are all wilting. We got a bag of baby spinach two days ago, and it took nearly five minutes picking out the good leaves from the bottom of the basket.

my next door neighbour runs the local spar...and I shop there two or three times a week... odds and ends...sometimes a big shop....but the fruit and veg pick up tomato's and they are soggy...potato green with eyes...even the avocado....a huge display of about 30...every single one was way over ripe...and they had a haze of fruit flies over the top...yuk! that was one thing I really noticed leaving the Languedoc...all our fruit and veg there looked wonderful...Im there at the moment and loving all the fresh crisp salads, firm fruit the Dordogne they seem to grow everything and export it out...the locals grow their the cr*p is for those of us (usually Brits) who dont...anyone want a floppy cucumber???

love le grand frais, everything is so fresh... only, since I became a food snob, i tend to buy more from the local greengrocer.(everything I eat has to tick one of the following boxes-organic, non GM, or local.

I'll still buy certain things there when the greengrocer has wilted looking stock.

Oh Blimey....going to have to find a NOZ now...feel I am missing out big time...must remember the cork screw as well.......!