Lidl sting gadget - does it work on bee stings?

The Lidl Sanitas gadget for knocking out stings just shows a picture of a mosquito.

Anyone had experience of success on stings by other insects - eg bee, wasp and (worst of al) horseflies?

Not had bee or wasp but it’s worked on everything so far. Definitely worth using the 6 second blast if you can work up to it.

Got rid of a couple of old ones that refused to heal. A few zaps and gone in 2-3 days.

You have to zap it before you scratch it and any broken skin can’t treat.

So far 50% better than last summer - only half the number of ongoings.

IIRC Beurer documentation for it via did say it’s for wasps too.

Surely no harm in disinfecting the bite, drying it (most impt) and trying for other bites if encountered?

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I can recommend something else as well Karen which is working for me - fresh nettle tea - that might be worth your trying. We now drink it daily. It’s anti-inflammatory. You need just the top young leaves and once the plant has started to flower it’s no good. Fortunately we have masses of new young leaves because I have masses of nettle patches which I strim back and so young plants are always coming up. The taste can be a bit strange for the first few days, but now we really enjoy it - including OH who thought I was poisoning him when I first suggested it.
For the first time this year I find that when I get stung by mosquitoes or harvest mites if I can put up with them for about 10-15 minutes the irritation just disappears. This is really helpful when I’m in the garden and nowhere near the gadget. In the past I would have had a great round swelling that would irritate for days.

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I use a venom syringe if you get to bite or sting quickly it can draw out the venom.

How can I get nettle tea that’s fairly bio and good potency? I’d love to try it. Is it good for other things as well?

The garden? :grin: Any friends with nettles in the garden? We let nettles grow in lots of places - great for insects - ladybirds and butterflies (red admiral, small tortoiseshell and comma). I also have buckets of nettles soaking in water as the resulting smelly concoction is great for plants - small cupfull in a watering can. And now I’ve discovered how good it is to drink it’s cut and come again for infusions for us.

If not, Bio shops: ask for Tisane d’ Ortie Bio and go for leaves rather than tea-bags.

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That’s what I use too!

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I eat my nettles as a vegetable or as hot or cold soup, delicious :heart: the quick way of stripping the leaves off may be helpful for those who dont know it: get a colander, thread the nettle stalk through a hole, pull hard, repeat xn or give the job to a child.


We don’t have any nettles here, a fact I was rather proud of at first, but then someone told me they only like good ground. :roll_eyes:

Funny how we are inundated with trees and all sorts of other vegetation on our rocky and only very lightly covered terrain. :thinking:

Thankfully I have no need of them, I can’t remember the last time I was stung by a bee or a wasp, only once by those ‘pretend’ wasps as I call them. They look like wasps presumably as a deterrent but their sting is minor and soon forgotten.

Mozzies are rare, despite all my ponds, and any that do appear do not find me tasty. Biggest problems are horseflies, non so far this year thank goodness. I have learned that they aren’t quick like houseflies and the best defence is as soon as you feel a tickle as they land to lash the spot immediately without first investigating. No chance to get the lance in and immediately dead. :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW, is the title of this thread the Welsh arm of the empire? :wink: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I find that Tattoo Goo works very well on horsefly bites. It doesn’t stop the swelling but it eases the pain and the itching and usually lasts a good few hours. I was bitten last night and put some tattoo goo on before bed and didn’t need to reapply until after my shower this morning. It’s also good with mosquito bites but so is mouthwash, toothpaste or vinegar.

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