LIDL are having their annual British products day next Monday (31/10) acc their newsletter. Cheddar isn't listed but am hoping they will have some in our local store.

And for those of you near Chagny (71/21) there is shedloads of everything left - there really is not a lot of Brits in this area, or no one bulk buying:-)

The fudge is yummy.

All may not be lost. I was in Lidl Tarare this morning and although there was none on the shelf, I asked the lady stacking shelves and she said it was out the back and fetched me 4 packets. When I asked why it wasn't on display she said they just didn't have time to display everything ! Looks like there were just 2 ladies running the place.

missed this oh sh.. :-) ooohhhhh I am sad :-(

We had success in Montauban, They seemed to have everything, thanks for the heads up Steve as I had not seen the promotion, I don't know if I missed the last one too, but this is the first one I have seem this year. My son is very happy as I bought home Caramel shortbread. They also had Fudge which I had not seen before..

They also had some Shepherd Neame Ale called Up and Under which was for the world cup, but I missed that at the time too 99 cents a bottle so well worth scouring the 'wanting to get rid of' shelves.

If anyone lives near Clermont Ferrand you can almost always get cheddar at the Auchan supermarket in Aubiere.

I got cheddar, crisps,beans and my favourite Bakewell Tarts !!! But the boys were disappointed that there were no caramel shortcakes.

There wasn't any fish and chips in the frozen section either.

There was cheddar at Creches sur Saone this morning, but no mention of British products!

There was cheddar this morning in Crolles (38920) - i managed to get 15 blocks (a lot i know - but date is end of feb.) Some caramel shortcake, Bakewell tarts, crisps, shortbread, baked beans and marmalade. Lots will be used for raffle prize baskets our Bibliotheque Anglophone's Annual Burns night in January. Wanted to buy it all - but common sense prevailed!!

No cheese in LIDL Civrieux (69) :-(

Yes , it's got a nice flavour, but at the moment, I much prefer the 12 month old one, we have some 6 month old also , which we have not tried yet ,


I can't reply to your last message so sent you a PM asking "to be friends" (Ah), we should probably continue the "delights of Macon thread" offline in any case as we are probably the only two interested

We haven't tried any, but we have been told that all the food comes from huge kitchens somewhere in Dijon, I think. The one oppposite Carrefour has recently changed hands.

There is one near to the Restaurant Lamartine, oldest restaurant in Macon.

That has a new guy, he is a huge improvement on the surly guy who used to own it.

Have you tried the Indian on the other side of the bridge?

That looks really interesting Christopher. Have you tried the smoked variety ?

Try this , organic cheddar produced in France, it's delicious , pretty good price too highly recommended , it's a mix of Breton grass and Norman cows .

Apart from Carrefour and that beer shop (Biere Attitude), the other places I have found are a couple of Chinese restaurants, one on the opposite side of the N6 to Carrefour and another down the other side of what could be the motorway just as you enter Macon from the West. On my last trip up there I did spot a 3rd one between the two so obviously the Macconais have a taste for buffet style Chinese food.

Creche is certainly not as attractive and with the N6 running through it we haven't thought of investigating it.

There used to be a farm shop at the top end in a small parade of shops near to Carrefour that was owned by a local farm, Ferme du Paradis, but they sold it a while ago.

You are more than fortunate Glen !

As far as meat goes I had a delivery of sausages/bacon from Sausageland in Dept24 last week, the bacon was especially good. Meat shipped overnight in an insulated box with an ice-pack.

Was wondering whether Creche/Saone might be thought of as being better/worse than Macon by those that live there.

We are 30 km west of Villefranche/Saone but have a rented-out flat in Macon and friends in Bagé so get up that way fairly regularly.

Why on earth would I be offended!

No we haven't tried it, Jim likes the Fischer beer and the nettle beer he makes himself.

Whereabouts are you?