Life expectancy of flexi hose

(Tom Bell) #1

On new years eve, while I was out shopping, the flexi hose connecting the hot side of th kitchen sink decided to burst all by itself ! Came back to a kitchen full of steam and half an inch of water on the floor. The sink unit was soaked and wrecked - luckily it was still the temporary one i put in when we first moved here.

It got me thinking though, what is the expected lifespan of the hoses ? All taps these days seem to come with these, rather than the solid ones we used to use years ago. I put this sink in 15 years ago ( your definition of temporary may differ to mine.) and although the sink was reused from another part of the house, the taps and their hoses were new . So is 15 years the expected life span? Should I think about replacing others when they get to this sort of age?

(stella wood) #2

Googling… I find folk reckon 5-10 years depending on the quality… so you are probably very lucky it lasted so long.

It’s a good question to ask… :thinking:

The solid pipe was a case of do-it and forget it… the flexible is just rubber hose with a protective outer… so the rubber is bound to perish (or whatever).

I’m sure someone will chime in with facts and figures…

(bob sivell) #3

Tom has the same idea of the word “temporary” as myself

I like this

As for flexibles, no idea

Thanks Tom

(stella wood) #4

I’m pretty sure the flexible hose for gas canisters is supposed to be changed every 10 years… (rubber of some sort).

EDIT: the gas pipe will probably be marked, saying when it should be changed…


(Mark Robbins) #5

They have a date to be changed by printed on them, think it’s normally 5 years

(stella wood) #6

Cheers Mark… I can’t remember… it’s OH who deals with that sort of thing… and he is very careful to get it right…

Security is most important…

(Mark Robbins) #7

Trouble is, it’s easy to forget to change them ( but I’m guessing that there is a big safety margin built into that " change by date").

(stella wood) #8

I bet the Insurance folk would not overlook the date… do you… ??

I shall ask OH when he last looked…just for my peace of mind… :hugs:

(Mark Robbins) #9

I couldn’t possibly say​:zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:

(Tom Bell) #10

Yes, but you can also get the gas hoses in a version covered in stainless braid like the water hoses and this doesn’t have an expiry date.

But the gas hoses are working at much lower pressure than the water hoses.

(stella wood) #11

I suspect the all Gas Hoses have an expected-life… and would not want to be debating the unknown with an Insurance officer… so perhaps we need a professional to look into this… ???

I know we have the 3ft high gas tanks at the SdF and I’ll ask the question…

Meanwhile… does anyone else know ???

(Graham Pollard) #12

Tom, when you say flexi hose, are you talking about those with a metal mesh covering.

(Chris Elliott) #13

Erm … think it may be just one of those things. They’re everywhere - I’ve never known one fail. If angles were tight - it was straining or kinked then …but otherwise plumbing does fail so…

(stella wood) #14

Chris… rubber does deteriorate over time, surely …???

I know of tyres, where the manufacturers recommend replacing the expanding-tyre-wheel every 10 years… before rigidity sets in and it doesn’t perform when required… ie in an Emergency. Many Mercedes cars use this sort of emergency spare-wheel… it sits, deflated in the bootspace, waiting to be called into action. :zipper_mouth_face:

Flexible pipe that goes rigid… maybe risks cracking… I have no idea, but it is worth wondering about…

(Chris Elliott) #15

Everything deteriorates over time… ask my neck. Its plastic not rubber inside them so different

But they are sold with every single tap these days - if they “failed” after 5-10 years routinely no one would fit them and there’d be 20 posts saying ours did that…

So sometimes its fate / bad luck or poor fitting. They can be forced into tight angles and kink etc. which I’d suspect more than an intrinsic design flaw. Equally over tighten and squeeze the washer …

Given the same logic modern plastic pipe would need replacing every 5 years…

(stella wood) #16

Ah… if you are talking about Taps… I know that many of them come with various guarantees of ??? years. That might be sufficient guide for the flexi…if the flexi is indeed sold as part and parcel of the whole thing.

However, Tom is talking about especially fitting flexis to his taps… ie not sold as part and parcel with the Taps… ???

Modern plastic pipe does have a “life” which will depend on the quality of its manufacture…

(David Martin) #17

I can’t believe that the pipes would last any less time than the taps that they are attached to, they are fairly well engineered and don’t have a very taxing job. Mine have been going strong but one of my 20+ year old taps is leaking and I’ve got a replacement. When I fit the new one I will replace the pipes as well.

(stella wood) #18

Quite so David… the complete unit would have a life-expectancy… hence the Tap literature will say… good for how ever many years…

but when bits are bought separately, from different suppliers/manufacturers and then put together… life-expectancy overall is only as good as the weakest link, I reckon :thinking: no use putting cheap pipe and/or washers on an expensive tap (for example)

(David Martin) #19

The last tap I fitted (for a friend) was expensive, it’s listed price was considerably over €1000 but she got it for a lot less because it had been on show in their showroom. I fitted it using new flexible hoses from a local brico, I’m confident that they will do the job. I have just had a huge overhaul of a 15 year car that’s cost more than most of the cars I’ve bought. The brake pipes on that, rigid and flexible were in perfect condition and considered good enough for the next 15 years.

(stella wood) #20

Fantastic David… wish I could see your car…

I’m not deriding Brico Depot… simply that the question has been raised about how long “flexis” can be relied upon… and quality must surely play a part… as with so many bits and bobs…

Brico Depot have a good selection in my opinion… the trick is sorting the wheat from the chaff in all and any of their sections…