Life in rural france

One of the things we notice most here in this region of France, is that everyone takes their time to get things done! We have had to (happily) settle down to artisans arriving very early in the morning - 7.30 am - and then

most leisurely, proceeding with their work. Nobody rushes here, but the work gets done, very well done, I might add.

Our 17thc Longere has required a lot of work, work that we did not have the capability of doing. Working in the field of architecture in Ireland, I realized that much of the work we wanted done would have to be carried out by professionals - French professionals!.

Over the years we have negotiated projects as diverse as converting our dépendence into a spacious three bedroomed extension: replacing all the roof areas: re-wiring, re-plumbing: replacing old windows and doors with upvc double glazed units; landscaping the garden area and building some large garages. and the most recent....replacing the chéminee and chinmey breast in the kitchen with a new fireplace and insert.

Yes, we paint and hang paper and make up units and fit them, but we are happy to have local people involved in the "heavy" work. I know it is time consuming, but after all we are living here and we too do not need to rush

but have the time to enjoy living in this lovely location.