Life's Little Treats

I sometimes wonder about life!

Well the nice young man from Sony finally turned up this morning and proceeded to take the back off the one month old television. After a certain amount of fiddling about he pronounced that the screen was the problem (that might be why I have no picture…der) and that the part I needed had to be ordered! 'Oh, how nice and how long with that take, I asked in fluent French of course. About a week I was told, and of course he would phone me when it had arrived and arrange to come and fit it. Hmmmm… So now safely back in it’s box I though I’d distract myself with a little light housework.

The waste pipe in my wash hand basin is s little slow to drain away ( I blame French plumbing and hard water) and benefits from a shower of bicarb and a slug of vinegar from time to time. Most effective and sometimes the use of a bottle brush too.

Today was a bottle brush day. When I couldn’t get the brush out of the plug hole …

My friend came for lunch and after a bowl of the customary ‘Pauper’s Potage’ I offered her a cup of coffee to go with the one euro, nearly passed their date, chocolate fingers. On rinsing the filter jug under the tap I managed to catch it against the side of the sink creating a not unattractive but damaging crack in the jug! She did however manage to extricate the bottle brush from the plug hole.

As my computer had crashed. A victim, it would seem of a ‘power surge’ ( the only type of surge you are likely to see chez moi) I am using a friend’s computer with great caution, already managing to wreck their last laptop when mine was have a breakdown.

I never used to think I was accident prone, but when I lost the car keys at Christmas…