Lifespan of Live Boxes

Hi, can anyone tell me on the life expectancy of live boxes?

We have been with SFR for 3 years or so. Our live box has lately been showing certain signs - like the yellow light coming on often, for increasingly longer periods, which knocks out our internet connection although I can still see that some data is being exchanged, albeit very slowly. The other problem is that it also knocks out our phone as we are on VOIP. It happens at all times of the day.

Having worked with really old Macs years ago, I tried just powering off the device for a while and then starting up again - this has worked so far, but I don't think it's a good idea to keep doing this. I've also change the position of the device so that more air is circulating around the whole thing to keep it as cool as possible. I also try and keep it dust-free. Given that it comes back well after a power down I suspect it's starting to overheat.

Is there a limited life on these items, and if so what do you have to do to get a replacement?

Thanks if you can help.

Thanks for all the useful advice. I called sfr yesterday and explained the problem and asked the guy what were the options. He suggested a replacement box, which would be free, and for some reason we also get a reduction in our monthly rental. Don't plan to use the software either as I recall a nightmare using the one from Orange when we first arrived.

Is there a limited life on these items,

In a word, Yes.

Demand a replacement and they will give you a new one. Tell 'em it you will change your provider if they do not give you a modern box that works properly and they roll over.

The newer boxes are much better but still rubbish and I would only use one if I needed it for TV and Voip phone as well as the internet function.

If all you want out of a livebox is internet then use a stand alone box from a name brand like Linksys, Netgear, Draytek....etc etc.

And if you do use a livebox, try not to use their god-awful software. You don't need it and it causes nothing but trouble.


Great minds and all that Damaris.....

Hi Pamela,

I am assuming that as customers of SFR, you have a contract. If this is the case and your livebox is faulty, then you should be able to get a replacement. Over the last 3 years, the livebox has evolved and there are at least 2 models that will be more recent than the one that you have, if not more.

I had problems with my box almost immediately after I moved in to my flat. I called them and they ran a series of tests through the phone line before deciding that the box was faulty and needed replacing.

I would suggest that you call SFR and explain that you have had the box for 3 years and that it is acting up. They will probably run some tests and then change it for a new one.

If they get funny and don't want to, just tell them that if you can't get it changed for free then you will have to change for another operator like Orange...that is usually very effective ;)

Hi Pamela,

I'm with sfr in my flat in Paris. My box has been doing similar things to yours, but not cutting out completely. I've had it for just over two years. It is always sluggish on start up (I shut it down on weekends when I am not there).

To change box, go to the website: and login, you can then go to your user profile and change your equipment.

Your login is probably an e-mail address that end in

You could alway ring their support helpline and ask them to test your line as the fault may be with the line they rent off France Telecom.

Hope this helps