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Helping a friend renovate his family home outside Perpignan (I’m still living in the UK) and need to find the best outlet to buy non-hydraulic lime, NHL lime together with suitable sand and alkaline resistant fibres. Going back down the end of January but when I was there in November/December the local big box stores have a hopeless selection. There seems to be a place in Argeles but as I will be next door to Rivesaltes I was hoping someone may know of a shop closer that has a good selection of natural products.



Around our area the Brico marche's stock St Astier NHL 3.5 and some have the Chaux Aerienne (Non hydraulic) also Leroy Merlin as well.

Sounds good. I’m there from around 18Jan till 12th Feb and will probably be back the first three weeks in March.

We have a small house in Les Essards 16210 nr Chalais and hope to go out there Jan/Feb for couple of weeks and later in March so keep in contact and might come and visit you on way to some friends

Thanks Edward, I’ll give him a call. Be using both NHL and Non-Hydraulic during the renovation but NHL to begin with due to where it’s being used and to less of an extent the time I have to work with.
Previous remedial work has done more harm than good with cement based products and tile either side of traditional stone village house walls. They also tried to mask the damp in some areas by battening with plasterboard. The entryway is worst which means it’s the first thing you see and smell when entering the property.
Fortunately I did a course specialising in lime plaster products in UK so I am use to handling it.

Do you want NHL (which stands for Natural Hydraulic Lime ) or Non Hydraulic Lime CL90 in the European Norms

All specs are available in English at

All are available from St Astier C-E-S-A 24110 Saint Astier tel 0553541125 or 0553540660 ask for Laurent Tedeschi

He will tell you where the nearest stockist are Avoid products marked HL they usually contain Cement (OPC) even though the bag will say Chaux

If you need help just call me Edward Byrne The Traditional Lime Co 00353862585253