(Bill Morgan) #1

Years since I did any, forgotten the technique, anyone know? i.e., mixing, water first or lime first, proportions?
It’s hydraulic in powder I have, (maybe dosen’t matter in powder, it did in stones).
Btw, it’ the garage walls I’m doing.

(Mandy Davies) #2

This blog post may help.

(Graham Lees) #3

(Bill Morgan) #4

The house I had that was limewashed, was in S Portugal Mandy, it was ‘cob’ basicly compacted earth and stones, needed to breath, limewashed inside and out, great deterrant to bugs too. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bill Morgan) #5

Thanks Graham :+1:

(John Withall) #6

Limewash is traditionally made with lime putty and not hydraulic lime. Look for chaux aerienne and thin it down. more thin coats are best and pre wet the surface. Let it dry slowly, you may need to sheet it over to prevent rapid drying from too much heat or wind.