Linear city

You don’t see many of these:-

[Saudi Arabia reveals design for 170-kilometre-long mirrored skyscraper (](https://)

It’s a tad different to Anne Hidalgo’s plans for the fifteen minute city:-

[(158) 15 Minute Cities! Exploring Transferability and the Life-Sized City - YouTube](https://)

Shades of Mega-City One - Wikipedia

Unfortunately, Mohammed bin Salman is for real, not a comic book character.

Still, plenty of scope for writers of dystopian graphic novels…


The Saudi project looks a bit like blade runner before the rot set in … :wink: :joy:


The Saudi project looks a bit like blade runner

One of the many impressive aspects of Jean Baudrillard’s theory of hyperreality was that it was so far in advance of its premises becoming reality.

To put it simply, Baudrillard posited that people would only become able to explain their present reality by reference to fiction, and particularly cinema. Thus many who directly witnessed 9/11 described it as being like a ‘disaster movie’. Similarly, both respondents to my initial post have compred it to dystopic science fiction.

So, if admittedly very limited, SF opinion is anything to go by, the Saudi’s linear city doesn’t bode well…

Yes, all mod cons including head and hand chopping facilities every 10K.

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But I’m sure they’ll use the latest technology!

Laser :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

If we’re talking scifi then I’m reminded of the Ringworld (poor-man’s Dyson sphere). Hope they won’t have Pak running the show, although I suspect something more draconian.

Indeed, I watched the 9/11 attack occur whilst working for a division of Intel Corp. We had a data centre with a large operations floor - 35 people behind screens, six very big screen on the main wall with system monitors, map of the world with connectivity and two screens with TV feeds - One UK and the other US. Someone called me from the operations room and I watched (with all the others) the strange pictures of the first tower being flown into - it looked like a movie and the scale made it look like a small aircraft. The phones went crazy from the US. Incidentally, a friend and ex Deutsche Bank colleague worked in one of the twin towers (for Deutsche) - they were evacuated to another of the complex of buildings that also eventually went down as well. He luckily survived and ended up walking down the streets covered in the dust and debris back towards where he lived… along with many others. We had a potential customer in at the time - Virgin Atlantic. Their phones all started ringing and they rushed back to London as they had planes in the air coming and going from New york. A very strange and upsetting day for all.


Rather than @DrMarkH 's ‘latest technology’ the current Saudi regime seems happy to use moderately blunt kitchen knives q.v. Jamal Khashoggi

I’m sure their bone saws are the finest money can buy, probably gold-plated.

If ever in Saudi on a Friday do not wander near the central mosque of the town/city you are in after prayers. If you happen to stumble upon an execution you will be pushed to the front of the crowd to witness what that despicable regime calls justice.

After the first couple of kilometres, it’ll just repeat again, like central Milton Keynes.

Sounds utterly horrific.




Thankfully I will never see this in person. :roll_eyes: