Linky access

I have a Linky meter installed in my house. A while back I received a letter with a password. Does anyone know of a URL (or App) I can use, so I can access my Linky online?

anything here of help?

Thanks Graham, it is a good start. In the email I received from EDF, it mentioned the App EDF & moi, but this app doesn’t seem to exist in Google play

I seem to remember having to switch to my French Google account to be able to get it from Google play

If you don’t have a French Google account search for “EDF & moi apk” and see if you can install it that way.

There’s an app on Android Play Store EDF & MOI but I haven’t tried it.

Enedis has a site :

I created an account with Enedis. I don’t know if it gives you more/less/same info as the EDF app. You have to identify yourself and your meter (quite a long process but not difficult) and can then set the parameters for collection of consumption data and see all the data. I believe you can change your energy provider as well.