Linky meter - new installation (now resolved)

Down here in the deepest darkest Vienne, our electricity supplier - Soregies - have finally installed a Linky meter.

They have supplied no information at all on how to use it. I have emailed and written to them with soecific questions but, after several weeks, there is no reply so I turn to you lot for guidance!

  • How does one remotely access the device? The Soregies website has no information at all

  • Is there an app or website that lets you interrogate it?

  • Is there anything I should be wary of?

Thanks in advance…

When our EDF one was installed, the installer left a user guide inside of the meter cabinet.

If you have a model number on the Linky, you should be able to find a user manual for it.

The EDF version of Linky is accessible via their website or the EDF et Moi app.

We had to allow EDF to gather our usage data so they could report it back to us.

Good luck!


Thanks - no notes at all were left. Do any of these look like a model number?

The Soregies website doesn’t mention Linky at all…

The metre is highly sensitive if you go near your limit, and will shut you down, To reset the system you have to turn the oven / kettle off and go find the button, which you press and hold for 5 seconds( Well you do on ours). so be prepared at all times with a good torch.
There is loads of information out there my friend controls his in Brittany from London with his phone app.

Good luck

@_Brian - might want to blur the serial No (04 … … … … 48)

60A triphasé?

There seems to be a bit of “how to use” towards the end of this document

There’s this - but nothing about smart phone apps

Edit - the app can be downloaded here


Though whether that will work for a Soregies supplied Linky I have no idea.

Thanks, Billy. Those instructions look useful.

The ‘serial’ number bears no resemblance to my existing account number so I thought it might help to identify the model number or something else useful.

I had a go with the app but it seems to work with Selectra and not Soregies. Maybe (Ha!!!) Soregies will get in touch at some stage with some useful info. I shan’t hold my breath though!

Are you completely alone… no neighbours?? hope someone can help.

It’s not a problem, Stella. The electricity still works, I’m just keen to keep tabs on my consumption so having access to the Linky data would be handy.

My only neighbour has celebrated the imminent advent of Autumn by going off to spend a few months with her son and his children in Guadaloupe - just before the Linky installation. With luck, by the time she gets back I will have unearthed all its mysteries and I’ll be able to educate her in the Ways of the French (it’s usually very much the other way round!)

According to the first document that I linked it is broken down into:

  • code du constructeur => 2 caractères,
  • millésime de l’année de construction => 2 caractères,
  • type de l’appareil => 2 caractères,
  • matricule de l’appareil => 6 caractères

The serial number is unique to you and (I think) might be what you have to put into the app.

Great - that could be a big help. I’ll have another go. Thank you.


Go to the App Store (or wherever you get your apps from) & download the “Enedis å mes côtés” app. You can then look at your half hourly consumption, maximum demand etc. as well as cumulative figures.

Consumption figures can also be accessed through the EDF et Moi app, or your EDF espace client (if they are your energy supplier).

There is no information printed on the Linky that will help you (sorry @billybutcher ).

You do need to know your PDL (Point de Livraison) number, which is on every bill.

The PDL is also recorded by the meter & can be viewed via the screen under the menu “Numéro PRM” (press the button repeatedly until you get to that menu).

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That is not the case. The PDL is what is important (& unique to your supply).

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Search and you will find the Linky instructions in English if you wish it so. Try this for beginners: [Guide] Complete user manual of the Linky meter: everything you need to know (

OK, good to know (if I ever have one force upon me - so far the fact hat were only at the house 5 weeks a year has made it impossible for one to be installed).

No need to apologise - I was just being cautious.

Would that still work for us on a Mint energy contract?

Unfortunately that app won’t work for Soregies customers - ‘we don’t serve your area’ was the message returned when I started to set it up.

Thanks - I have the instructions in French which I’m happy with. The main problem seems to be that ones local fournisseur needs to supply an app which speaks to the Linky system in order to provide online access to the info. I’ll drop another line to Soregies and see if I can provoke a response…

Yes, it will.

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Thank you.