Linky smart meter

Has anyone refused a Linky smart meter and if so what has the outcome been. Be interested to find out what the process is.


take a look at this site… it seems to give enough info about how to Refuse a Linky… although it does go on to say that as of 2021 folk will be obliged to accept the Linky…

also, if you have a technical fault with the current meter… it will (so they say) be replaced by a Linky automatically.

Thank you will have a read!

Just out of interest, why would you/anyone want to refuse getting one of these? (BTW, I know nothing about them).
The only reason I can come up with is that the old meter is broken giving lots of free electricity, if it is, good for you! I had that once in a rented flat in early 80’s, good job they didn’t have helicopter mounted infra red cameras then, might have thought I was growing something in the attic!:sunglasses:

Hi Mark

I have a Linky, when it was first installed there were a couple of ‘blips’, touch lamps lighting on their own (spooky and annoying in the middle of the night) and a cooker clock going crazy. It was soon fixed though.

One of the reasons that people didn’t want a Linky is because it is alleged that the ‘ondes’ (these meters are read by remote control) given out are dangerous. Well, I have survived microwaves, mobile 'phones, scanners etc; so what’s one more little ‘ond’ ! :wink:

If the link works… folk can find out when Linky will come to them…

click on the blue “quand arrive-t-il dans ma commune”

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