List of mobile phone contracts for calling UK

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I’ve started a collaborative spreadsheet of mobile phone contracts useful for those of us who call the UK / abroad a lot from our mobiles. There seems to be a lot of options but very difficult to find on ‘mon petit forfait’ type sites as they are often with less well known operators.

Please feel free to add any you find

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Good idea. I’d be leaping for Syma as it’s becoming clear where I am is one of the many locations in the country where only Orange has a commitment to providing a base level of network coverage continually.

I’ve tried them all and Bouygues is the final one that’s let me down by switching the coverage of their transmitters away. I tested strength of Bouygues signal for 10 months before switching and just had 2 months of hell after switching to them. In August suddenly no signal in house anymore and 4G only at the gate 25 metres away. As of 1st September even the gate signal is now much weaker.

I’d run to any Orange MVNO like Syma however there is fairly consistent feedback that indicates Orange reduces the signal quality of its MVNO’s severely as compared to its own direct subscribers. I certainly saw that when previously with Free who were forced to use Orange transmitter locally too.

I am mulling my options as Sosh and Orange directly I would really like to avoid signing up with again as was a bad victim of pratiques trompeuses (Sosh) earlier this year. Fibre came here 2 years ago but with the amount I travel a fixed broadband does not seem worth it.

As others may also need to know which network underlies their MVNO I can share that currently Leclerc and La Poste mobile SIMs connect to SFR.

Thanks for the reminder of Syma’s name I was seriously thinking of testing just how badly Orange will throttle it here but couldn’t remember its name!

Oooh, given there has been much praise of Sosh over on the other thread it would be good to hear more about this!

When I’m calm, Kirstea, when I’m calm :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t go near them with a barge pole! Hubby recently swapped over to them. Then our card expired in early June. No ‘dear sir, your card has expired please update your details’ no just a €5 charge which we just went on, gave them the new card number and thought no more of it. We then got hte €5 charge AGAIN for July. Weeks of phone calls and emails and they wouldn’t budge - they said that they didn’t have our new card number in our account. Clearly they did as they took the original bill plus €5! Really poor CS!

I’ve just joined Prixtel who use SFR and I’m very happy with them. I also like that you have a sliding price if you need more internet - I’m on €4,99 a month for 40GO but can go up to 50 or 60 GO for a couple of euros on each ‘block’ of 10 GO

Have to say I wasn’t impressed with Syma either, the roaming function just never worked.

Sosh on the other hand was very good. They have an option for calling the UK if I remember rightly, will need to research and put it on the list.

Tory, does Prixtel offer inclusive calls abroad??

Thanks to both for confirming don’t touch Syma.

Does anyone know a decent MVNO that operates on Orange with decent service?

(Not Sosh)

I think land lines only in EU (but UK on the list).

I use Prixtel and very happy with the data side of things - starts getting expensive calling abroad. We tend to use either WhatsApp or Skype for international calling - both work well with mobile phones.

Karen - when I needed to change my payment card with Sosh I sent them a letter recommandée avec accusé de réception and it went through with no problems.

Sorry @_Brian this is not for me? My way of dumping Sosh after their pratiques trompeuses was to port away from them. Saves the pfaff of raccommande and avis de reception.

However it seems Free network, to whom I did send an electronic lettre raccomm with avis de reception around the same time for my other mobile line, are ignoring even though I’ve had the confirmation of receipt. They’re still billing. Sigh!