Little Emile

I am not ashamed to admit I cried my eyes out yesterday when I read his remains had been found, not that far from where he disappeared. Something does not seem right to me though as I thought the whole area had been thoroughly searched! Poor little mite, may he rest in peace.

yep, all those months ago, this story touched my heart… and I’ve been hoping he would be found alive and well…

So far, there are no indications of foul play or human intervention… for the family’s sake I hope the results of ongoing tests will give a gentle end to this sad story.

A 59 year old local man went out for a walk on 9th jan, fit and healthy, and didn’t take his phone. Since then hundreds of people have helped with frequent search parties, they have had specialist find and rescue dogs, cadaver dogs and mobilised all the local walking groups.

His corpse was found 10 days ago by a person searching for morilles. No suspicious circumstances.

And found in an area that had been searched numerous times.

If a grown man is hard to find, a small child would be even harder.

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Apparently seen wandering the streets by himself before he disappeared. Two years old! Why the hell did no one go to him and take him home? People just walked on by!

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