Live box or not Livebox

Hi out there, I like most out here use a LiveboxHi, does anybody use there own router - like net gear - are there problems, is it possible?

Thanks Brian. We have lots of visitors to our gite, some of whom log on via wifi with no problems, others who can't connect. Having tried various options, this seems to work so I've left it alone!

We stopped using the Livebox for a couple of reasons.

DNS: It's inability to accept our DYN.dns settings. There has always been a section in the menu to enter these settings but I've tried it on several Liveboxes and it never seems to work properly.

Port forwarding: On the old Liveboxes you could only forward a few ports (8 I think). That is now fixed BUT still some things seem to struggle getting through or stop working after a few days.

We port 2 network cameras and the home server through our router as well as online games from time to time and our current (bottom of the range) Linksys ADSL2+ box does all of the above without complaint.

From a gaming point of view the Livebox was always slightly faster but with slower ping times and if you game...... Ping is everything!!

Not that I know much about these things, I found that once I unticked the 'Activer le filtrage MAC' box everything works fine


John, that is interesting, as far as I'm aware there is nothing special about the live box that would stop all WIFI devices connecting. The only issue would be making sure you select the correct security method when you try to connect. What security does your iMac use ? WEP, WEP128, WPA or WPA2?

I have an iPad, and connect to pretty much everything, and it would be a pretty major issue for Orange, if it only worked with some devices. I would take my iPad into the shop and get them to explain what you have to do to get it connected.



Thanks Nick, the main reason for changing is that I can not attach wi-fi (apple tv and ipad) to the Livebox even though I put in the correct number - with my old box (this is our third - thunder storms) I had to press a button on the box for it to accepy, but no button on this box.

So at the moment I use my iMac as the wi-fi hub.

The livebox comes from Orange (FranceTelecom).

Best wishes


Hi John, if the ISP circuit to your house is an ADSL one, then it is likely to be using ppp as the connection protocol, which requires a username and password to authenticate to the providers servers. If you have that information, then the physical device connected to the end of the circuit can be what you like.

As with all these things though, the devil will be in the detail, and you would need to go through the PPPoE or PPPoA settings of the supplied box to understand all of the settings they are using , and to mirror them. You will require the admin username and password of the box to get these. You will also need to look at other things the box provides, like DHCP and DNS forwarder and cache.

If it were a cable connection, then you have to worry about the MAC address of the connection device, although you can work around that with MAC-spoofing.

I have a supplied box from from my WIMAX supplier, and they give us zero access to the box, so I would have to hack it to get at the config, which would probably render my contract invalid which is why I haven't bothered. I attach all sorts of secondary WIFI equipment, which suits me fine.

That leads me onto another question, is there a good reason to swap the one box out for another?



Hi John,

My ISP is Nordnet and for a while I rented their preferred Sagem wifi "g" router which arrived ready set up. It worked well but there were some wifi dead spots due to the thick stone walls, so I sent it back to Nordnet and bought a Belkin N1 router with potentially better coverage. It came with a self-help guide but I did have to ring Nordnet tech support for some parameters such as VPI, VCI, DNS etc. This was in 2007 and since then it has worked well; I added a Netgear N repeater to cover the last remaining dead spots a few months ago.

Removing the rental from the abonnement means that I now get a 2 Mbps service for €19.90 pcm which is fairly competitive.



Not sure if I'm "techie" enough to answer, but I brought my own wifi modem with me (Netopia). Also brought my own phone. Both work fine here. Also brought Sky+ box, so have not yet felt the need to get anything from the French service providers.

Hi John,

I've got my own modem/router hooked up to a wifi router- all seems to work well.

Drop me a note if you need more info...