Live in the UK - receive an income from a french rental, help what income do i declare on how?


I have been living and working in the UK for about 15 years.

I am currently renting out my french property. I dont know what and how i need to declare the income. Also, i was told that i have to fill in a tax return in the Uk with the French income as well.

I really want to do the right thing but so lost at where to start!

Anybody able to help?



There are others on the forum with more experience but basically you will have to fill out a French tax return with the income, then include the income and the French tax levied on your UK tax return.

You will have to ask the French authorities to send you a tax return - it won’t happen automatically.

If you do not currently fill out a tax return because you are on PAYE then you will have to let HMRC know and they will probably want you to do a tax return from now on.