Live near Annecy?

Hi, I'm a new member looking to extend our social contacts. There are a few of us around Annecy lake who already meet up, but the group could do with more members with different interests. Currently we have walkers/climbers, rowers, cinema goers, books and DVDs to lend, but we would welcome those interested in cooking, gardening, fashion, day trips etc. Any takers out there?

I wrote that wrong, I'm here in summer too, love the lake, I worked two seasons in Talloires, and jumping into the lake after dinner service at night was just "the done thing".

I also am a big fishing fan, and on a cloudy day, can be found fishing the Fier, or Usses, over near Frangy.

I keep meaning to get in touch with a rowing club, used to row when I was younger, but just got.... carried away in other things.

Hmm, I'm a water baby. That's my fascination, the lake, but it's freezing in winter. We have a sports rower, so soon I'll be back on the lake. Sadly I only like snow from inside the house. Bu thanks for offering your company on the slopes, appreciated.

In winter, I'm here, Mary, and if you ski, I'd be delighted to hit the pistes, or back country with you, it is a real passion of mine.

If you're ever coming towards Thones, or the Aravis in general, give me a jingle, and let me know, ny number is 06 21 53 13 96, we can do coffee. If I don't answer, leave a message, I generally am not far from the phone.

mine are; 0479092827 or 0645965802 :)

Thank you. Phone is 04 50 68 39 66

Hi Mary, I'll let you know when I'm coming that way and likewise, I am just north of Cruseilles, so if you are venturing up this way come and have a coffee.

Hello, Zoe, nice of you to reply. Like you, I have French friends but can always do with more of the younger variety! Round here there are lots of second homes so although we see lots of people in the summer, the winter is a different story. Not working here, I don't meet younger people. I still work in the Uk but only from time to time. My neighbour has bees, not that we see any honey! I am busy planting up lots of flowers at our border with him to try increase production.

Hi, Caroline, nice to hear from you. If you are over this way please get in touch and maybe we could meet for a coffee? Or you are welcome here at my home, up the hill from St Jorioz on the West side of the lake. In fact the Tour de France will go past the door on July 20th! For some reason over here I have made friends but all over 60! Maybe because the younger ones work and meet friends there. Not that I don't like the friends we have here, French and English, but I ache for some younger company! Also there are places to visit that only take groups of 20+, and that's a tall order when you move somewhere new!

Hi Mary

I live in Cernex, just north of Cruiselles and about 20 mins from Annecy. I've been here nearly 5 years and enjoy meeting people. I love cooking, eating out, food and wine, Annecy, hiking, cycling, days out etc!

I have a foodie blog of Haute Savoie too

I live in Thones, and wouldn't mind making friends here, but I tend to steer clear of large groups of expats. The majority of my friends are French, but it's true that Annecy, and the surrounding area hosts a wealth of activities.

for example, Yesterday, I got to ski all day in La Clusaz, with a friend, and today, we attacked the Roc de Chere, a nature reserve between Menthon, and Talloires. Tonight, we're going for a dip in the lake, and got some friends coming this weekend for a bit of biking.

Hello Mary, I don’t live near the lake but know it well as we regularly visit particularly in the warmer months. We live in the Aigueblanche valley, about half an hour from Ugine. I am here with my husband and two girls, ages 9 & 5. I have had a rather difficult year following a skiing accident and I’m working hard at physio to be able to get on my bike and start cycling around the lake again…hoping it’s sooner than later. Looking forward to a bit more warmth this weekend!