Living near Boulogne sur Mer (Pas de Calais)

Hi everyone. Have just started the process of buying a house outside Boulogne sur Mer and wonder if any of you live anywhere near as we will be looking for recommendations for plumbers, electricians, etc. and any other advice you can give about living in Pas de Calais. Thanks in advance.

We are in a 2 house hamlet in the Vienne now, Wendy, but, believe it or not, my wife recently had to rush out and get across a woman with a dog, on one of those 25 metre long leads, allowing it to c&?p on our garden!!

Thank you Paul. Will be in touch...

And thank you Bruce. The house isn't actually in Boulogne (although the fortified centre is wonderful and didn't step in anything nasty on a recent visit!) Are you still in France, but somewhere dog-free?

We had a house in St Valery Sur Somme 30 years ago. We thought about Boulogne but decided against it because of loadsa dog poo!! Hope it's changed by now.