Liz Truss and Big Spreadsheet

Well, it amused me.


Very amusing, and on the button.

And, as ever, John Crace ads to the jollity.

I particularly like…

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Many of her defensive accusations apropos the mainstream media are remarkably similar to those of Russell Brand (who was defended by a Telegraph columnist)

Truss is appalling, Brand is utterly ghastly, deeply unattractive in every possible way and so very unfunny.


Appalling v. ghastly is an interesting comparison, but I think we’d agree that Truss did more damage to more people.

Differently damaging. I don’t think Truss went around raping people.
She is appalling though because she should know better and it is clear she’s an idiot, god knows how she got into Oxford.

No, she just mugged the whole country…

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Couldn’t agree more. Which is why I find it so extraordinary that either of these people actually got anywhere in this world. What is it that other people see in them? A bit like Savile (and yes, I know it’s not the same scale of awfulness), I just find them gross, totally unappealing and would run a mile from them. Some people have very strange tastes (IMHO).

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I recall sitting, open-mouthed, on the news that Truss was even being seen as a credible candidate for the Tory leadership.

It’s one of those times when you start to question what it is you’re missing, that so many could vote her into that role.

On the other hand, it’s quite a scary insight into the Tory party membership.

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Like mother like son. She is as ghastly as he is.

She maybe (if you’re thinking Jo Brand), but she’s not his mother


correct I was. She has 2 daughters.

Enjoyed that, although her blind faith in her very limited abilities is worrying. The members wouldn’t have her back… …would they?

My reaction was the same. I just thought that faced with 2 nontraditional candidates - a female and a highly competent individual of Asian heritage - the Tories voted for ‘the lesser evil’.

Why was it, that even Sergei Lavrov saw what an idiot this woman was when foreign Secretary, yet the Tories still voted her in as Prime minister. I thought after tanking the UK economy, she would never be seen again. What does that say about the UK’s standing in the world? At least in Russia she would have accidentally fallen out of a high rise building window!