Local forums

This forum is very special.

But local forums provide a different platform.

Such as helping people find local help.

We recently found a good tree surgeon.

We can check on local events.

I found my account through the same site.

And exchange ideas on matters relating to the region.....the immediate


Bonjour Just about to move to Vendee - Near Fontenay le comte. Is there a 'Vendee group' within SFN?


I don’t think that anyone would disagree with that.

A very positive and good thing in my view that should be built on. If others see that differently then that is their loss.

Well that depends John.

If the people involved are ready to listen to the ideas of others.

The Bergerac group was made up of all sorts of people with different ideas…‘
Do you see this as a good thing or a bad thing?’

Brian I appreciate what you have said...Annie moved to Portugual and

Carol is back in Uk...Many of the others are around.

However the reason for posting "Local Forum" was to say ....perhaps not

to knock a info Dordogne as it is rather different to S France.

It is a way to find local help...as I mentioned we have found specialist

people to carry out specialist work. Local events etc.

I was supporting. But I was reminded of the localised groups on here....

and there were comments made pointing out that I should join the SF

localised groups.

The Bergerac group was made up of all sorts of people with different ideas...

and we are scattered.

we tried.

Barbara, our arrangement was that one of us would suggest a time when we might meet. Usually the same place and if possible a Friday afternoon but not fixed, so in fact whenever convenient. Annie Long and/or I used to suggest when... She moved to Portugal, I tried. I turned up, nobody else did. I did it again, turned up but that coincided with a group of British women meeting, which I thought was 'us' since a couple had usually shown up. Then my daughters' college arrangements meant that since I was in Bergerac I should collect them, but that meant if we had stuck to Friday afternoons I would have had to leave too early really. So I gave up trying to organise, but it is open to anybody else (perhaps you) to put up a word in the Bergerac group.

Personally, I would prefer us to be the kind of mutual help mob rather than having a coffee, you know advising newcomers on whatever questions they raise where somebody knows the answers. In that respect, local groups, like networks, can be very useful.

I wrote about the airport in response to this, where you make reference to the other post;

'Are you living near the airport too…as you call it a bus stop

I imagine that you are familiar with it.'

Looking at the most recent posts is the following an understatement?

'And the Bergerac group is not too active…by the way.'

Perhaps posts about local pages should be made on the SFR is changing thread, as you point out precise, local knowledge can be invaluable.

Why are you talking about meals at airports!
This was another subject.

Which is probably over.

I live reasonably near to two budget airline airports, La Rochelle and Poitiers. Throughout the year my guests fly in and out of both. We often fit a meal into an airport run but would never consider eating at the airport itself. Why on Earth would we think of doing that when there is so much choice in the two towns?

Yes I live 30 mins from Bergerac airport.

Are you living near the airport too...as you call it a bus stop

I imagine that you are familiar with it.

And the Bergerac group is not too active.....by the way.

We did get together a few times...

But I there is nothing wrong with communication, support

and a community spirit.....to my mind.

As you have a local group I hope that you use it.
Yes, I live in France. Do you?

There is one John.

By the way do you live in France?

SFN has regional groups. Start one for your area.

I am not considering it as I am not local, maybe that is the reason for the lack of discussion?

not expecting a debate....

Just a little note for one or 2 of you to consider.