Lock picking lawyer

Warning, this YouTube channel might remove any faith you had in security devices (but very interesting nonetheless).


Been following him for years being now an amateur locky. He makes it look easy, trust me it isnt and he is highly skilled. He does show how appaling some locks can be.

Oh, I have no doubt it is way harder than he makes it look.

But ultimately he demonstrates that few (any?) locks are impossible to open with the right toolset and experience.

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And most cheap combination padlocks can be opened in a minute or less without tools.

Opening the TSA Approved “Master” brand locks they were used to secure shipping cases in my old job always used to impress people. Only the odd one defeated me and I had an angle grinder for those stubborn ones.

I have zero lock picking skills and the dexterity of a drunken hippo, so it was the terrible design of the locks and my being able to remember the process having watched a YT video demonstration.

Some of the large looking locks are easier because there is that much space inside to pick. Some of the locks are specifically designed to make access with picks very difficult.
In particular the euro cylinder common in these parts should be an anti snap anti drill design.

That applies to most things in life, as an engineer we approach things differently to others.

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Not so sure about that :yum: I know a lot of engineers who think a grinder, mole grips and 8lb hammer are their go to tools :wink::laughing:

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When you only have an 8lb hammer all your problems are nails :joy:

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How hard are the “euro cylinder” locks to rekey yourself if you have a bit of experience with say Schlage and Kwikset type locks from the US?

The parts are just smaller, obviously you need a set of pins and the correct sleeve.