Loft insulation

I am posting this for a friend who has recently bought a restoration project Mortain, Normandy.
Is there anyone who has an excess of loft insulation to sell at a reasonable price please. She is a very practical lady.

If your friend is a resident in France could she not benefit from the various energy saving schemes currently being funded by the state (loft insulation, wall insulation, ground source heat pumps etc?) Obviously after careful investigation and consideration of which company to use.

She must be the the only one that ever been in contacted by the 1 euro insulation firms

Hello Peter,
She is resident from May this year, and the property has no insulation above, i just found an ad for this type of work and have sent it to her, so she might be able to do that.
Thank you. If anyone who lives in her area has any recommendations please let me know and i can send her the details.

Just google 1 euro insulation and the area

If she has only been here 8 months she may not qualify as I think (not sure…) you need to have made a tax return to have your RFR so they can assess eligibility. If she lives by herself the income threshold outside Ile de France is 19,000€.

There are a lot of scams around, so also read this to help avoid scammers

Thanks for the info.
I will pass it on to her.