L'oiseau est mort

Well, my Breton exhibition in Central Finistere has just one more week to run and as expected has had no sales. It would seem that there is simply no expendible income left for people in this area and I will have to start looking for exhibition space further afield. There is no guarantee even then that anyone will look to buy since we seem to expect our visual art to be free these days, downloading everything from the net. So I decided for my next show that I would paint something that I saw as unsaleable and therefore could not possibly be disappointed when none sold. A few years ago a neighbour gave me a desiccated blackbird she found in a draw and I thought this would make an ideal subject as nobody would surely want a dead bird on their wall. Just to make sure they would not be salaeable I decided any unsold images from “L’OISEAU EST MORT” exhibition would have to be destroyed following the show. Having now shown a few of the images to friends I am surprise to find that they like them but also heartened that at 250 euros none have rushed for their cheque books.

Thank you Patricia and Karen for the conformation that I’m on the right track, while nobody can stop us continuing our passion to create they also can’t complain when we choose to destroy unsold work. The better the work better the burning, I’ll recycle the frames. This colourful local view is just one of many that disappeared under a second layer of paint. Great fun sometimes when I did sell and knew that behind that still life of flowers was a full frontal nude.