London ultra low emission zone

You dont get less traffic in inner london, it just changes to a cleaner form, people dont endure that journey happily.
Public transport is at max capacity during peak travel times.

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And don’t think for one minute that your EV’s current exemption from the Congestion Charge will continue once CC/ULEZ income starts dropping off.


Its going to be a pay per mile before too long, this system is being installed by stealth. The 5G rollout is part of need for more information gathering. Fitting of thousands of ANPR cameras to every street in and around london is part of the plan.


As Chris Whitty says, the pollution from tyre particulates is frightening and electric vehicles are heavier and cause more wear to their tyres, so more pollution.

This is a story that came from a false test where an ICE vehicle weight was increased with sand bags. They did not have an EV to test the theory. Also the vehicle was driven very hard, not the way most of us drive.
Kwik fit issued a statement to counter the claim saying they did not see an increase.
Unless you have something more recent it just an EV negative press. No one cares about the tyre wear of ICE vehicles before including those really heavy ICE vehicles, my friends big Lexus has terrible tyre wear on his front tyres.

Then the previous predictions of Chris Whitty might show how wrong he can be, his prediction of the deaths from covid were out by a factor of 100 wasnt it? The number of deaths never went anywhere near what he predicted, all he did was cause massive scaremongering, loss of employment for many and closure of a fair number of business’s


See @Corona’s answer, but also EVs produce less brake pad dust/particulates due to the use of regenerative braking.

There are already plenty of (too many) overweight ICE SUVs clogging the roads.


It is already set to finish on 25/12/2025.

Even now you have to pay £10 to register an exempt vehicle with TFL.

I’m an EV owner & I don’t think they should be CC exempt.


The biggest change for me is my over 60’s travel card. It simply means I use public transport more frequently than I use my car even though it could take 3 times longer for the journey and the other drawbacks of public transport like sharing with some of the public!
Yesterday I went all the way to Heathrow T5 on my travelcard, previously I would definitely have made that journey by car.

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He was trying to predict the outcome of a epidemic that no one had dealt with before, I bet he is glad his prediction was wrong and so am I, not that that is any comfort to the 230k people who died and their families.
Hindsight is a great thing especially for the armchair expert after the event.


Yes agreed its easy to be wise after the event. However some of the naysayers looked at the data from previous pandemics and some of those were Emeritus professors who specialise in viral epi and pandendemics and they did not come up with figures anywhere near mr witty. Unfortunately our gov seems to find lots of people who just do not have what it takes.

Foe any recruitment organisations looking for such people perhaps SF might be a good place to start :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Only if the pubs are empty :blush:

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Let’s not forget Long Covid.
A recent survey found that over 1.3 million people in the UK could be living with the symptoms of long COVID.
My wife is one of them.

Yes an absolute PIA for some, I know 2 people with that issue and one has not regained her sense of taste.
Swiss report due out soon, peer reviewed and noted 1 in 35 people suffered a cardiac issue from booster jabs. Not yet declared if that was anything serious in reaction to the booster.
Was it the covid or the jab causing further issues?

The first jab was given to an elderly lady in December 2020. My wife caught Covid in the Spring of that year - no ppe in the pharmacy.

Another dodgy Khan maneuver, the low trafgic neighbourhoods. Introduced under emergency covid power! Nothing of course to do with covid except if you were trying to get to a hospital and found all side roads blocked and the 5 mile round the LTN’s as it was around me.

Abuse of power.

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But it looks like the Tories have identified the battle ground for the next election. Frighten car owners that the Labour Party is gunning for them.

I’m sure the Starmer Labour Party will just do what it’s done on anything else “contentious” recently; move just a bit further right than the tories on whatever the issue is, abandoning everything they have said up to 30 minutes before and bizarrely making the less swivel eyed faction of the Conservatives look more reasonable than the traditionally left wing party.


I am begining to feel he is on the torries payrol.

Change that to ANY govt. It is all about the thickness of the envelope.