London ultra low emission zone

This guy has only just found out what a woman is, come on give us a break. He is just as swivel eyed as all the rest. Actually he is swivel footed as well.

Maybe their envelopes are thicker than his own mob.

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It is the stupidity of man that puts people with no knowlegde in the top positions, do we ever see the expert in charge?

No, Cummings seems to have dropped out of public view…

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Yes it’s not just money grab it’s surveillance and access control.

You won’t be able to drive into many areas in France with your car, Paris for example, so I doubt very much you’ll be exempt in the UK.

For that matter, it’s pretty impossible to drive anywhere without your car…


Can’t think why anyone would want to drive in Paris…


It’s one of life’s great experiences, Mark! I’ll never forget the time I drove my parents around the Arc de Triomphe and one of my (new) hard contact lenses jumped out of my eye - in sheer terror, I suspect! That was an adventurous drive :scream:


Plenty do. I don’t know why either, same for London, why would you want to drive a car around London?

I wear lenses too (53 years) so can sympathise. Last Spring because of an accident, I was diverted across Paris from south-east to Montmorency via the Arc the Triomphe For over an hour I didn’t get out of second gear and arrived at our hosts with severe cramp in left ankle and right wrist.

Was healed with champagne and a very memorable Meursault that was beyond anything I’ve tasted since.

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UK Ulez for London is not unique. France has a growing number

If you are driving into Spain, stickers are for your car from

Other EU states with requirements may be viewed via the links at the bottom of this site

Better stickers now than sorry later!

The writing is clearly on tbe wall, beef if we must but you can see the direction these polluting vehicles are going, I expect my current ride will be useless in around 5 years time, 10 tops thats why I didnt want to spend too much but in defence of my lovely ride, I do love it!

I agree with you and fully support the country’s efforts to reduce car pollution.

We too will enjoy our current elderly Range Rover until it finally dies because it fits our dogs in a roomy back with a deep dog bed and we have got rather used to travelling high.

Interestingly, it carries a yellow 2 Critair sticker. Not that we voyage much.

Its not just London or France, Spain as well as probably others.

On auntie this evening:


Been all over the papers over the last week. Beeb always late to the party these days. Of course most of the journalists miss the Rouen restrictiond which huge numbers of UK travellers use to head south.

I am very concerned about the future of the planet for my children and welcome any effort to curb emissions. There’s been an increase in lung cancer even though smoking has reduced , the increase has been linked to pollution.This should not be a party political issue but it’s becoming one. Sunak allowing 100’s of oil and gas licences is putting 2 fingers up to fighting climate change. Though i suspect no company will actually take up the offer as fortunately they know oil and gas is dead and the future is much, much cheaper renewables and nuclear.

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There is an increase in all cancers, whilst I support clean air and water, processed food/cheap fast food is probably more to blame as it is for diabetes and heart disease.

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Processed food, too much simple carbohydrate and not enough fibre plays a major role in bowel cancers, diabetes and chronic kidney disease etc, but not lung cancer, that’s down to what we breathe in.