Long Distance Monitoring

Is a thermostat being left set too high?

Friends and family of this person, workmen doing jobs in the area, people on a stage, locals having a family party and needing somewhere for a few cousins? We get all of these out of season.

If it was the heating that was being triggered by the house being cold, it would trigger at night when it is the coldest. This would most likely show lower elec use during the day which may be different if the house is being occupied during the day. On the edf app, switch to kwh graph which shows a greater sensitivity versus € graph and you see clearly when the use peaks are.

My Linky does not show anything other than daily usage. Maybe I can change that?
In terms of all the who/why/when, questions the situation requires some explaining and suffice to say I am certain of what I am seeing, I am just needing advice not on the situation or how to deal with, but the ability to monitor the house.

Yes, but thread drift is rather unavoidable on here! People want to help, but are also curious to understand full story. Bit like a person a bit ago who had huge unexplained water bills.

So please don’t forger to tell us the next chapter.

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You can change it to hourly

I think the door sensors are the way to go - a great idea!

Couldn’t the camera be inside the house ?

would that not impinge on any private quiet enjoyment by a valid renter and lay claims to voyeurism?
Absolute minefield…


Wondering if the OP is aware of the “Linky” thread started by poster “Linky”.

Before I upset the neighbours (and there’s a lot of skulduggery about so OP may be right) as the payer of the electric bills, switching on data collection and selecting down to 30/60 minutes should tell you all.

France has clear rules about people’s droit de l’image. One just has to read them and follow them.

So tell me how verisure can give you 24 / 24 hd quality pictures of your house without breaking the law

you’d have to ask them.
I would venture to suggest that the legal occupiers own the images (see the references linked to by @JaneJones for more detail) and would not likely disagree with them being taken/stored electronically (subject to the provisions as mentioned about ownership of your own image in respect to invited visitors) but I’d welcome any miscreant breaking in to my house and being captured on camera demanding that the images be erased with law enforcement intervention :wink:
“Yeah gov, it’s a fair cop” :upside_down_face:

They say that Verisure can only view video or listen to audio after an alarm has been triggered. There may be some exception in law that allows for this . The property owner can do this at any time. Maybe there is some sort of real time face blurring in this case, to avoid breaking the law.

Lots of questions in the thread about how to better handle the situation instead of a camera. So here is a fuller background. We lived in Grenoble in 2008 and returned every year after to stay in the same gite for a month and I would return more often for work. We purchased a 3 bedroom chalet in the mountains near Grenoble in 2016. It is part of a copropriatiare with several smaller chalets for rent and larger ones that are homes. We did not rent at first (we live in New England), but in 2018/2019 started to let the manager of the rental chalets (who is part of the copropriataire) rent our place for a 25% cut. It was always pas compris, so there was the going rental rate (that the manager set) and the electricity - all en liquide. Everything was fine until COVID. We could not return and when we did, our friends from Grenoble said that they had noticed the chalet was very often occupied. (The area is a nice bike ride up from Grenoble.) This was when I discovered Linky. Since last summer I have been keeping track of the electricity and on our most recent trip I shared with the manager that the electricity was high when supposedly no one was there. They simply said it was due to hors gel. You should know that everyone in the copropriataire (8 owners) are very close except for us bc we are only there 3-4x per year. And, the manager and their spouse are very active in the local community of about 1500 people. We are the outsiders and for the sake of keeping things pleasant, I can’t just make accusations or pull others in copropriataire into this. My tack has always been to act the dumb non-French speaking American despite having a PhD and pretty good at understanding French. So, I go along with the explanation of hors gel, but am going to install a camera next time I’m there and say “we did this at home in the US and I think it is a great idea for here too!” What can they say? I’m just being a dumb American.

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You seem about as far from that as it’s possible to get.

I think you’re talking a very considered and thoughtful approach to this problem. I’m sure that you’ll find a clever and effective solution, with or without the help of third parties…


I see why you don’t want to rock the boat also if all en liquide. As a foreigner makes you a bit vulnerable.

So see why you go for this solution. But if there is another local friend you you could ask to drive by with a camera when your linky shows activity that would be back up.

IANAL so take what I’m about to say with that in mind :slightly_smiling_face:

The “droit à l’image et respect de la vie privée” mostly concerns individuals’ right to oppose to photos or films where they can be identified being used for commercial purposes, so doesn’t apply for CCTV footage (provided it’s not recording in a public area).

However, GDPR does apply even for non-commercial purposes. Interestingly, France differs slightly from the UK, however, in terms of residential CCTV installations. Whereas the UK’s ICO say CCTV videos in home settings is in scope (but that they’re highly unlikely to act if people make complaints), the CNIL have said it’s not in scope


My (devious minded?!) wife wondered if it was worth considering informing the manager that you have various friends who may want to stay this year- often, unfortunately (!) at very short notice - for free. You’d say that this would ‘obviously’ only occur in periods when not “officially” let…and see what the reaction from the Manager to this new development is?