Long Distance Monitoring

Andy, once you have, after greater expense and hassle proved your suspicisons right what are you going to do? This sounds like quite a tight comunity and you are the outsider. Who will take over managing the lettings and be seen to possibly go against the others or the current manager. If all it does is ends up with you stopping renting then maybe that is just the easier option and without making enemies. If you are still making money but suffering some losses is that better or worse than no letting income and no one keeping a close eye on your property. Just looking at the long game, short term tech is one thing.

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I can see how that might be easier, but it will leave a sense of injustice that the theif has got away with it.

I’m with @Corona on this one. It’s about damage limitation sadly. Perhaps a sly comment made in passing to the neighbour letting him know Andy is on to him would be enough to win the moral argument, but without it having any financial impact.

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Does this mean it isn’t declared? Is the manager of the copropriété en règle for everything? How does your insurance work if your rental isn’t official (because as a French person “everything in cash” screams dodginess to me).


The impression I got, which Amdy will of course correct if wrong, is that the aim is that the man just stop doing this, or carry on doing it but transparently and with his permission.

Hmm, yes…flagged that 2 days ago


I’ll throw that into the mix as well. I have had our friends stay there a few times and I can say that, but then, of course, they will have had to cancel since no one shows up and how many times can I do that? FYI, all the houses are in close proximity.

My suspicions are on pretty firm ground, so I don’t need to prove them right. Again, a security camera will simply put them on notice that I know more of what is going on

But with what end game?

The manager can no longer pretend there is no one there and so will should stop renting without my knowledge.

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I like your enthusiasm, for me, a cheat is always a cheat and you may also get the gallick shrug and they are not affraid to cut off their noses to spite their faces. If you fall out who will step in to rent your place

I cannot imagine that my putting up a camera for security purposes would mean that they no longer are willing to rent. How strange would that sound? And, they are getting 25% of the rental, so why cut off that line of income? We may be ‘outsiders’ but we are not so far outside the co-propriataire socially that we don’t see each other and interact…

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Presumably if they are renting without telling you they are getting 100% of the rent. Your syndic de copropriété is a crook.


This is getting nearly as good as the Linky thread.

I really hope we’ll all find out what is really going on with this property.


My thoughts entirely :grin:

I wish you all the luck, I don’t see the manager saying its a fair cop Guvnor, I’ll being playing it straight from now on if you’ll give another chance. Still you have said you are not outsiders to that degree so I hope it goes well.

I actually think that’s entirely possible. “it’s a fair cop guv” doesn’t in my experience exist in the same way.

Think more of the gallic shrug!

plus Andy has the privilige of paying the utility bills.

Lots of talk here and thanks for the thoughts. I started perusing this site some years ago, since we bought the place, and only used the site as a resource, not as a sounding board. So, this is my first time engaging this very helpful and interested and interesting community. I do appreciate all the input, but every situation is different. Over the 17 years of going to the same place and working and living with the same people, we have a fair amount of support and good will built up. I’m the stupid American who can’t remember whether a croissant or an eclair is ‘lightning’ and laughs along when I say a pastry knocked out the electricity. But, I have helped out some people with my connections to the hospital and they seem to know when we arrive because they suddenly hear banjo and come by to listen. I do think that a camera of any sort can be pawned off as the (slow - in French - but nice) American doing an American thing and having no clue as to how we do it here. Nonetheless, I AM very disappointed to be taken advantage of - when the place is occupied, but not ‘rented,’ not only does the manager take all the rent, but I pay the electricity. That said, all in all, we have a wonderful place with mostly good people doing what they do and allowing us into their lives in a mostly gracious way. I remain enchanted with our little corner of France and only seek to traverse a few small swells of controversy with grace and nuance.


I’m sure you’ll weather it. Especially if you have already encountered a French explosion. Hugely stereotypical of course, but my timid, overly polite, British soul took years to come to terms with a. french robust discussion that’s in one second shouting, thumping and what to me is huge anger. Then 10 seconds later a shrug, and moving on to next subject as if nothing has happened.