Long exposures and bonfire night

Found this great example of easy long exposures on the internet earlier

Post you long exposure images and let us know how they were done.

and if anyone know what a pisbfli'ps is don't let me know :)

Hi Stuart, I got the poi in a juggling shop at Blue Water shopping centre in kent. They are obviously quite durable as they had been swung about and clobbered for at least 4 years now.
I've just had a quick surf and found a site that sells them for £27. They are the fibre optic type which give you a broader light path. The only snag I've had with them is that sometimes the on off switch that is activated automatically using the centri-petal force can get a bit sticky and it's difficult to turn them off.

Have a look here- http://flamesngames.co.uk/juggling/stardass_stardust_g2_fibre_optic_led_glow_poi

Fantastic Steve. Can I ask where you get the lights (LEDS). You'll get used to me asking questions :D

super pics guys!

Not the last of the series by a long shot, but I couldn't resist including this one for you to see. It's got to be "santas' sleigh"
A christmas card in the making perhaps.
5 second exposure at f4.0 iso 400 hence the light paths are a little darker than using a higher ISO.
We had a lot of fun taking many shots, not all of which were successful but ending up with a stack of lovely images.
The important thing is to experiment and have fun, and let's not forget the crucial ingredients to any fun filled photo shoot- wine,whisky & beer. Yes, I confess that some of the more wobbly, out of focus shots were maybe not so deliberate.

ooppps, is that too many "funs" above? Nah, surely it's not possible to have too much fun!

I call this one "the genie". Perhaps I should photoshop a lantern in at the bottom? Taken whilst edge on to the rotation of the poi. 2.5 sec exposure at f4.0 once again at 3200 ISO

This one worked out beautifully as the dancer form is seen in the centre of the maelstrom of light....more by luck than design. The lens was tripod mounted for this shot but zoomed during the 5 second exposure at f 4.0 at an ISO of 3200!

This was created with someone swinging l.e.d. Poi around. The leds' changed colour every second or so and the light stream is blurred by being slightly out of focus and the hand held camera moved during exposure.
8 second exposure at f 4.0 with an iso of 400

Shame it didn't change mine :D

This reminds me of the Joe 90 thingamajig that he'd sit in to change his brain!

And you can't see me :D

Just to show you the idea. This was the same light so really too big for this and only on a short strap. I'm going to order some LEDS on e-bay and get some practice. When I get the spheres right I'm off down the Figeac and the "place des écritures to see if I can get the exposure right to show the background like daylight.![](upload://5rR3dJjAhKsTM0KYehGCHaOkjpe.jpg)

Found some......watch this space.


Try ebay, maybe the keyring type single led would work for you?

Where can I get them that stay switched on. The only ones I have you have to keep your finger on the button and it's so stiff I can't even tape it down. Maybe I should rephrase that or post in the 50 shades.

Use white led torches and put gels on them?

I've seen a guy do spheres with this, brave man. On that subject where can I nuy small different coloured LEDS to put on the end of a piece of string?

Bizarrely flammable stuff, nice effect.

Clump of wire wool on a piece of string, extremely volatile, but great fun. Singed my head, oh and a bit flew off into the garage :D