Long term car rental - Bordeaux

Hi all, first post here so hello to all.

My situation is as follows;

I would like to book a rental car for upwards of 1 month from Bordeaux airport from next week (could be for 2/3 months). The agencies I’m finding are rather expensive.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could get a car for less that the 000’s being quoted?

I’m a UK citizen but haven’t lived there for over a decade so don’t have residency status there , France, or anywhere else in Europe (I do have an application underway in Spain but hasn’t come to fruition yet).


Try the supermarket chain Super U vehicle hire


For normal car hire we used to compare using ebookers Link

But as @Griffin36 has suggested most supermarkets now offer car and van hire very cheaply. Perhaps try the branch of supermarket near to where you will be staying.

Hi and welcome to SF
If you are not currently in France, how does this impact on you?

Well the supermarkets offers are good but you need to get to the supermarket to hire and if you are at the airport you will need to taxi to the supermarket.
Interesting are you living in Bordeaux

Thanks for all of the replies, very helpful.

I am currently in the Canary Islands and will have a negative covid test result obtained within the required time prior to travel. Reason for travel is for family reasons. I’ll look into booking a car in the Ruffec area also the easiest and safest way to get there from Bordeaux.

Thanks for the help.

Magnus - the supermarkets are certainly much less expensive than the chain car rental companies. One slight annoyance if that most of them will hire for a maximum of one month. However, at the end of the month you are able to renew the hire for the next month. It would be a good idea to let them know this is your intention at the start of the hire unless you’d like to try a different vehicle each 4 weeks!

Hi Magnus,
I have just hired a car from E.Leclerc at Bruges. after advice from this forum. A very good deal - €360 for a month.

Hi Magnus,
Here’s the latest information on the travel restrictions - though not sure how it will affect you as you’re coming from the Canary Islands. All this is very close to my heart as I’m travelling to Bordeaux on Saturday after completing the sale of our house on Friday.

Good luck

Have you seen these people? No idea if they are any good but worth asking.