Long term rental 2-3 months

We will be moving from Provence to Normandy very soon (probably start of January, February at the latest) and will need to rent somewhere to live whilst house hunting. Hopefully three months max. We have a two bedroom house full of stuff plus a shed full of tools but expect to have to have that in storage unless we can find an unfurnished rental.
Does any one know someone that has a property to rent short term? We are just two people so one or two bedrooms is all we need.

Andy you could try Agence Immobilière de Mortainais www.normandimmo.com as there are lots of inexpensive rental properties in Sourdeval where we live, including lots of two bedroom flats with parking and storage space, although I don’t know how many would consider a short-term let. Sourdeval 50150 is very well situated for an extensive local search in Basse Normandy and is one of the best-resourced and attractive small towns in the Departement.

Worth a try?

You might look at gite rental
If you find one that is open year round, a short term rental out of season could be appealing to both sides.

Thanks Peter, I’ll give them a go.

Thanks Jane, been looking at gites. I was also wondering if anyone on this site might know someone with something not advertised for rent.

Good luck.