Long term rental in Sisteron area

Hi All,

After years of trying finally moving to France. We are coming to the Alps, Sisteron area.
We are moving the mid august and trying hard to find our first place!
There are not many options for rent and on every page the same come up. We have already called the nearby real estate agents in case they have others under the desk. And asking anyone we cross.

Any suggestions on how to maximize our search?

Many thanks in advance!

(Looking for a min 2 piece with a good heating and a comfortable finish, furnished)

Perhaps think about short term rental of holiday property (which you can do for up to three months) while you look for a more permanent home?

French school holidays end on 1st September here, and last week in August is not the most popular for holiday makers anyway, so you might find a variety of things available.

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try looking on leboncoin :wink:

Thanks to both of you!
The idea on sheet term is indeed what we r pivoting to. Fingers crossed!!! Thank you for your help :slight_smile: