Long term rental Limousin /Poitou Charente

This is the situation… we have sold STC in the UK with a proposed completion date of Aug 25th (yes, things moved very quickly, and there is no chain) We are clear to move. ‘We’ is 2 adults and 2 labradors.

Next weekend, OH and I are paying a flying visit to look at a house in Valliere, Creuse (23) and are pinning a great deal of hope on its being suitable.

However,if it turns out that it’s not going to work out, does anyone have a possible long term rental in 16, 23, 86, or 87 that we could also line up to see on Sat 23rd?

It must have reliable broadband instantly available, since Ray will be working from the end of a modem, and needs to hit the ground running.

Within reasonable distance of Limoges airport (an hour to an hour and a half distant) in order for him to make visits to th UK every couple of months, and although we are happy to live in the countryside, live-in neighbours within hollering distance would be useful.



We have a result. Solicitors agreed toexchange contrats this afternoon. Idiot buyers solicitor finally agreed to letter from solar installers to say they were competent and registered installers. as she should have done 10 days ago.
Breathing again. Ferries booked and moving to Creuse on Aug 26th.

That sounds really interesting (the antifreeze bit). Must do some reasearch on the net! PV q. pricey at present but sure it’ll come down!

@ Alison I’m fairly certain that what we have are German-made, but can’t actually say by whom. They are sealed glass tubes, in a panel on the roof - east facing in our case as we don’t have south-facing pitch, then the system is filled with anti-freeze, and requires UV light, not heat to work. This circulates into the tank and heats up the water. We had to have new hot water tank fitted, There is an addiditional thermostat that heats by the ‘normal’ method should uv levels be insufficient. The whole thing was done in less than 2 days.

When the technology is up to it, and we could do without being tied into a ‘feed back into the grid’ contract, , and subject to cost, we’d quite like to go down the photovoltaic route - ie making our own electricity.

Excellent stuff! What make is it? I’ve seen some q. exciting ones that can do your heating & hot water (think they’re Baxi) but they don’t seem to be available in France as far as I can gather.

I wish! I can truly recommend them. Even in last winter’s disgusting weather, (we’re in Dorset, more than three snowflakes and we get really excited) when I had the gas fire on all day for several weeks, the heating bill was waaaaaaay down.

Oh for goodness sake - typical bloody solicitors - if it complies with building regs that should be an end of it. Why not just dismantle it and bring it with you then it’ll no longer be a problem!

We had a single solar-water heating panel installed 18 months ago (about 4 feet square). Does not require permission from council unless in conservation area (we’re not) Building regs is self-certification by registered installer. It was. Solicitor says is grey area so last week insisted that we get retrospective permission - we have agreed and have set wheels in motion, and also agreed that they can withhold some money until we’ve got it. Council says 2-4 weeks. Solicitor still not happy. Don’t know why now.

just noticed this Judy - hope all goes okay. We had a similar sitn with our buyer in the UK when buying this place. He buggered about so much I told our estate agents to put the property back on the market. Our solicitor (we were all in Norwich) told us that he’d lost about 10 properties by doing xactly the same thing. Worked out ok in the end but it took from May to late July to actually exchange. What’s the technicality? (she asked nosily but I just can’t help it!)

Words of encouragement, but I am so not-holding my breath. THe stress is phenomenal - and there is no chain, just us, the vendors, and them, the buyers. We’re going into rented accomodation, they are coming out of it. It was the prefect match.

Having bought a few properties, there always seems to be some last minute crisis or another - don’t give up on it just yet - it may come through for you yet!

right now it is hanging by a thread. We have somewhere to go in Creuse and we were due to complete and move on Aug 25th, but our buyers solicitor is playing stupid games and won’t exchange on a technicality. May all fall apart in the next hour or so. Not happy.

We too work both sides of the Channel - OH is currently in Berlin, so we are well used to the to and fro of working away.
Why not try estate agents? The pretty much all do rentals, so they could well have a good choice on offer to suit your needs.
Odds on they will have more than one to show you, so you should have quite a productive time when you visit.
Hope it all goes well for your move!

Fantastic! Delighted for you!

Thank you to everyone who replied - we put down a deposit on the Valliere house on Friday.

What a staggeringly beautiful area!

Now, to sit and wait for contract exchange to finally finalise the moving date.

In the meantime, back to the Rosetta Stone…

did you get on okay?
If not, we have something available right now, but it’s on the Gers/Haute Garonne border, about 45 minutes from Toulouse Blagnac airport.
We can dog-sit while you house-search.
ADSL in place…
Let us know!

Hi Judy, sorry I don’t seem to be able to reply to messages from my inbox. Re yr message - we have broadband with wifi so that would be ok. Only 2mb but works ok for us (David (husband) works from home using t’internet to download files etc and has no probs.

If the Valliere house doesn’t work out I’ve noticed from one of the recent commune newsletters that there is a house to rent in our village (Bosmoreau les Mines 23). La Poste will be available to rent from 1er Septembre & comprises kitchen & large salon on the ground floor with 3 beds, large garden, garage & central heating (which is more than we have!). Rent 400 euros per month. Don’t know if it has broadband access but that could be arranged & OH could always work from here in the meantime (max 1 wk i’d reck) as wherever it is in the village it will be well within walking distance from us). If Valliere doesn’t work out let us know - if u’d like to pop over this w/e I can trot up to the Mairie tomorrow pm (they only open 3 pms a week) & find out more. Good luck with Valliere and let us know if u’d like to. Sorry to be so late getting back to you and sorry for the weather - altho I see the sun is actually coming out today so you may have brought it with you!

Best regards


PS c 45 mins from Limoges depending who’s driving!
PPS That’s not saying we couldn’t still help out but i reck La Poste would be a tad less spartan than what we have to offer!

Hi Judy,

We have a gite to rent in dept 16. It is occupied until the first week in September then it is available onwards.We are half an hours drive from Limoges airport and live in the house next door.

Here is our weblink http://lesbeauxgite.wordpress.com/ send me a PM if you’d like more info.