Long-term rental Quillan Area

Hi, I am looking for a long-term rental home in the Quillan area and was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of a place to rent or tips on where to look. Thanks

Thanks, but we just got sorted.

Hi Sally, I have a two bedroom stone end of terrace in Quillan that might suit you. I live in Australia and rent my place out, and would definitely consider long term rent.


one of the best places for renting, and buying and selling, is leboncoin, click here for search results in Quillan ;-)

I know it was way back but do you still have an empty house for rent in Quillan. We want long term furnished and are in Quillan at the moment.

Hi there

Thank you for your email, I am now settled and have bought a place.

However, if you have a house which you rent out. You may be interested to
know that I run a gite management service. I can send you more information
if you ever need help with your property.

Kind Regards

Hi, we are looking to stay in Quillan long term and need a furnished
preferably two bed place with outside space as we have a small well behaved
dog too. We are looking for something reasonably priced and would love a
small cottage or similar.

Might be better to post this afresh @sheila you may not get any replies on this thread, it’s really old!

Best of luck :slight_smile:

Thanks will do

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Hi Sheila,

You are in luck. We have had a cancellation and would be able to offer a long term let for you starting immediately. The house is fully furnished, but how long is your long-term requirement?

We live in Melbourne and will not be able to get to France this year so the house is available. We do have a local English manager Lynne in Quillan who, with her partner Steve, will be able to give you access and any other help you need. Our son Liam lives in Dublin and can also provide some assistance. He is able to react more quickly than me to any major issues you might have, without the timezone difficulties we sometimes face. I have added Lynne and Liam to this email.

Long term rentals are in accordance with the Rent A Place in France website. We are property number 1162. The website will give you conditions of rental and some photos:


Please note that this website was set up by our previous manager Claire who has since moved to Foix. So don’t try to contact her through that website.

The cost would be 650 euro a month which includes water, electricity, and wi-fi, but you would have to pay the gas bills. I would like the 650 in advance, plus a 200 euro refundable bond to cover damages.

There are more photos on the AirBnB website (which we use for short term lets):

If you want to proceed, I will give you Lynne’s phone number and you will be able to move in quickly.

All the best
Harry Paterson

+614 23 01 60 94

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Hi, thank you for your prompt reply. We are really looking for somewhere
we can stay permanently as we intend to stay in Quillan. Could we please
arrange to view the property Thanks.

Hi Sheila,

This house was intended to be a holiday let, with my wife and I making occasional trips to France for a couple of weeks every twelve to eighteen months. In addition, out two sons and their families like to use the place from time to time to get away from Dublin for short vacations.

So it was never going to be a permanent let. We could give you twelve months or so if that would help, but not beyond that.

If you are interested in twelve months I can make arrangements for a viewing.

Harry Paterson

Hi what a shame but we
Do need to look for accommodation where we can stay. Thanks for the
information anyway

Hi Sheila, does it need time be in Quillan or would you consider Caudies?