LOng Term Rental Sites

Have come across this long term rental site and wondered if anyone has had experience with them and whether they found tenants. Or if other sites have proved effective. I have an apartment in Carcassonne in the Bastide area.


The problem of course with advertising on too many sites is the cost, so I am trying to narrow it down to the most effective.

Please do, and just yell if you have any queries along the way and I'll do my best to help.


Thanks Danny. I will certainly take advantage of that offer.



Hi Denise, a friend was telling me about this site last year. I think he may have used it for his place near Perpignan but not sure about the success. I'll try and find out.

We don't have a specific long term let area (yet) on HLE, but you are more than welcome to take us up on our Top 100 Offer. It really is free exposure in quite a big way if you're looking to rent your apartment out to holiday makers, and so won't eat into that advertising budget!