Long Term Rentals

Am looking for a long term rental in the centre of France (ish) and was asking for advice on maybe the best places to look or any recommendations on good agents to use.

Would like something 2 bed+ and with a little land and some out buildings that can be used, and if I am chancing my arm maybe something like a gite complex or similar that I could run along side my other business for extra income.

I look forward to hearing some replies, and thank you in advance

Bonjour Chris.
It can be difficult to find long term rentals because landlords prefer to french government employees.
They consider them a better bet.
I don’t live in your preferred area, perhaps someone else on SFN will have more idea f tge market.
Good luck.

Hi Chris and welcome to SF. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a long term let -www.rentaplaceinfrance.com could be a good place e to start. Not sure many people would be happy with sub-letting gites though.
We had someone enquiring about a long term let a couple of years ago, and would it be ok if they let the spare bedrooms as a chambre d’hôtes ffs.

Hi Chris and welcome to the Forum…

If you are looking at earning from your Rented property… that might well raise a few hiccups… so, perhaps best not to count on any extra income from that, when considering how to finance your life in France.

(having said that, there might be the rare exception … just don’t bank on it.)

Is your current/other business reliant on good internet connections …??

this site may or may not be useful…

Hi, thank you for your advice and yes I do agree it is very rare I have never seen anything advertised and as you say I wont bank on it, I run a home improvement company in the UK and have started to get a lot of enquires through word of mouth for work in France, So Internet is very important to me but need a base in France so that I can set my business up correctly

Righto… Internet is very important… mmm… you need to check out which places have a decent reception… fibre-optic is slowly coming in… so I would suggest you home in on those areas which already have it in place.

This site gives a useful map… and if you put in the area code it will say straight away whether or not fibre is available… or just home in on the red areas on the map, which have it already…

Thank you so much for your help, very handy to know