Loo in the Kitchen

I am shaking my head in disbelief at this one. Makes you wonder just how many French MPs are Rackmanite landlords. http://www.thelocal.fr/20141112/law-toilet-kitchen

Just go to McDonalds.......they serve up sh#t in the kitchen all the time!

Interesting - when I toyed with the idea of listing the gite with GdF a few years ago, I was told that it wouldn't be possible because the bathroom opened off the kitchen with just the one door. Not that any guest has ever complained ....

Did look at a house with a loo (nothing else bathroom-ish) in the corner of the bedroom - there is such a thing as too much togetherness!

Only if the door knobs are copper/brass. Now my friends built their own house and filled out all the paperwork. The living areas for tax are those with 1.8m of headroom or above, they also ask you to list other rooms like bathrooms and toiles etc but did they actually ask if there was a basin for hand washing? and they were not charged extra, I wonder if this is urban legend?

Karen I tried to attach this to your post but sometimes the forum does what it wants

The in's and out's of personal hygiene aside - I'm just trying to define the logic of what difference another door would make if you can't wash your hands?

In the UK they presumably believe that one door does not kill germs but two doors do...British logic for you.

I never knew doors killed germs - don't tell Domestos 'cos they would be sick at their plummeting sales.

thanks for that Tracy, you learn something mew every day.

Not in France! If it has a basin the room is classed as bathroom and adds to your taxes! A separate WC with no hand basin does not increase the taxes - gross.

I actually still didn't think it was allowed in the UK. I don't know why I think this, but I know I do.

Hmm. I went and looked it up. Apparently a lot of people were under the same impression as me ...

It seems that if it's a bathroom without a toilet then you can have it opening directly into a kitchen. If the room has a toilet then there must be facilities for hand washing and then a directly opening door is allowed. If it's a toilet only with no hand washing facilities then there needs to be two doors between toilet and kitchen.

there is nothing new here, this had been possible in the UK for over a decade.what it is saying is that you can have a wc attached to your kitchen, ie behind a door leading off the kitchen, the change was passed to allow terrace houses to have a inside wc.

at least the french have joined the 21st century.