Look up - amazing!

I’m so happy I just went outside, I’d seen the late BBC news with pics coming in of the aurora Borealis in the UK. I thought I’d go out on the off chance and was knocked off my feet. I’ve never seen anything like it. A perfect circle around the moon. Clouds? Some atmospheric stuff?



It’s the same effect as a rainbow - water vapour splitting the light (thinking off the top of my head)

:unamused: :cry: well that’s boring, surely at least it must be aliens!!!?? :rofl:

ha ha sorry! But really bet you’re pleased it’s not aliens? Have you heard of the OMG particle? (Obs only read if you’re interested - you did ‘look up’ :slight_smile: )

‘What the heck is going on?’ Extremely high-energy particle detected falling to Earth | Particle physics | The Guardian.

edit - I was wondering for a moment if you were referencing ‘don’t look up’ - possibly particularly apt at this moment in time - climate wars / other wars / Netherland voting…

And I liked your photo’s!

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Ice crystals :slightly_smiling_face: beautiful :heart:


As @vero says, ice crystals high up. It’s called a moon halo.

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There’s a daytime effect too, from the sun, with a bright, multi-hued patch in the clouds. It was visible yesterday afternoon with low sun.


Sun dogs can be very beautiful…


Thanks guys! Was so lovely and about 10x better than the photos!

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Such wonders are always best when viewed “live”… :wink:

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It is an ice crystal halo
What Causes Halos, Sundogs and Sun Pillars?.

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We used to see a halo like this when skiing in the correct very cold conditions - the area around would sparkle - we called in Fairy Dust


“Like a circle round the sun” is a phrase used by Taj Mahal in a number of his songs.

I suspect the aerial phenomena described in his songs were caused by crystals with an altogether different chemical composition. :wink:


Possibly, Brian, but one of his best song, in my opinion, is on the album 'Giant Steps’‘Bacon Fat’.

The lyrics are a telling-off of a girlfriend doing drugs

Oh baby, why do you bacon fat?
Oh baby, why do you bacon fat?
Well, I told you once before
I told you that’s for sure
I don’t go for that

The song includes a superb solo by the late Jesse Edwin Davis.

Now, he did do drugs. Another tragic waste of a great guitar player

… he served as drug and alcohol counselor at the American Indian Free Clinic in Long Beach

Davis collapsed in the laundry room of an apartment building and was pronounced dead in Venice, California, on June 22, 1988. Police stated his death appeared to be the result of a drug overdose. Davis had a fresh needle mark on one arm and burned matches and tin foil were scattered on the ground nearby. He was 43 years old.


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The other cool thing in your photo is the “star” around the moon is most likely a planet. Venus perhaps?


I always see halos around lights, but that’s my cataracts which I am having operated on in the next 2 weeks.