Look what the Brits in Holland are Doing

‎Frank Teunissen‎ to Remain in the European Union - Exit from Brexit!

19 hrs

British citizens in the Netherlands are suing the Dutch government and the city of Amsterdam over the loss of their EU citizenship. Or, more precisely: they are demanding that their rights post-Brexit be clarified. They expect that the Dutch court will immediately refer their case to the ECJ. Should the latter declare that EU citizenship is an inalienable right, as they hope, then the Brexit negotiations will be thrown into even greater disarray than they are now, because all agreements on the issue of rights of UK citizens in the EU and vice versa that have been reached so far will immediately be rendered meaningless. “Sabotaging” Brexit itself is a not unintended potential side effect of their action. The case will be heard by the Amsterdam court tomorrow, 16 Jan 2018.

From The Guardian report it looks like it needn’t affect the actual negotiations. EU citizens in the UK after Brexit will not be affected by the ECJ conclusion because they will then be under UK law - but for us UK citizens in the EU our current rights might be preserved…

Let’s hope so.
Anyway good for them for doing something positive.